Boudoir Noir is having a huge 25% off sale on California Exotics products.  So what, exactly, does California Exotics do?  Most likely you have heard of California Exotics products but didn’t know how important a role they played in the development of the modern products that pleasure.  


20 years ago, Susan Colvin recognized that video was dominating the market and focused mostly men.  Sex toys, considered generally irrelevant, were made of hard plastics, were extremely loud, and had very few “wow” factors that would make products move.  A woman wanted to make products for women…and that she did!


Today California Exotics, with a team made up of all women product developers, is the world’s largest pleasure product manufacturer and is highly respected industry wide.   The focus has always been, and continues to be, on the wants and needs of women.  Over the last 20 years, California Exotics has changed the way women purchase pleasure products and distributes industry changing toys with famous names such as:


Body & Soul

Coco Licious

Dr. Joel Kaplan



Shane’s World


First Time

Love Rider


…and much more!


Susan Colvin and her company, California Exotics, is also known for some famous firsts:


2014 marked 20 years of empowering, exciting, and educating.   Thanks to California Exotics, women have embraced their sexuality…and for that we at Boudoir Noir are grateful!  So stop into one of our four locations or shop and get 25% off the entire California Exotics line of products