So you’ve seen crotchless panties and are intrigued.  Or maybe you have a pair in your lingerie drawer and look at them with absolute confusion.  Well, let’s part the seas, clear the fog, and help you get in the mood

Crotchless panties are overlooked mostly because people don’t know where, when, and how to make them work into their wardrobe.  Think of crotchless panties as your magic wand to making your inner temptress come to life.  They are the gateway drug of sexual exploration & self-confidence.  By waving the crotchless panty magic wand, there’s an instant feeling of self-confidence greater than that of twenty runway models as well as an inspiration to be a little naughty.  A seductress is born from a new sense of creativity & passion in the boudoir.

So step one is to understand the multiple scenarios where crotchless panties can come into play. There are so many ways to wear them, paired with different lingerie pieces, under a pair of blue jeans on a typical night out and about, at special events, with costumes…you can turn any scenario from average to erotic in an instant.  Our crotchless panties come in a variety of styles, colors, shapes, & sizes.  Queen sizes feature the same beauty, style, quality, and selection, which is often a pleasant surprise.   Choose classic cotton, luxurious satins, or super seductive lace.  There’s a multitude of these little gems to fit your size, mood, and personality.  


So for the beginners, here are a few things to get you started after your purchase:

  • If you are nervous about trying something new, which is perfectly natural, grab some scented oils, candles, & music  to add to the experience.  If you want some personal guidance from a pro, sign up for a class at The School Of Loving Arts.  Our instructors are experts in teaching the art of seduction.
  • Plan a surprise rendezvous, wear your new panties with a short little dress, and suddenly your date will take a turn like something out of an old Sharon Stone movie.
  • This is a TOP TIP for lingerie lovers- if you love wearing garter belts but hate the process of taking everything off, strapping and un-strapping.  A crotchless panty will help you avoid the entire situation.
  • Foreplay will get exponentially more interesting for you AND your partner.
  • There’s nothing better than seeing the look of surprise and excitement when your partner discovers what you’re wearing.  So when you have a date night or special occasion planned, get dolled up in your “damn I look good” outfit and finish off the look with your new crotchless panties.  You feel super sexy and your partner feels…well, a little bit of every erotic emotion,   but most of all happy that you made such an effort to spice things up.

ALL ladies, big and small, short and tall, wave that magic wand!  Boudoir Noir’s crotchless panties are fun, playful, and we have a HUGE variety.   They are also amazing bachelorette party gifts.  Get all the styles, colors, shapes, & sizes from your sexy panty pals at   

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