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Fetish Friday - Fifty Shades Darker

February 8, 2017 12:28:00 PM MST / By Boudoir Noir / Categories: Fetish Friday

fetish fridayFifty Shades of Grey has opened the realms of the dark, and unspeakable. It’s given a new light to the darker side of intimacy, bondage, and BDSM. The book series and products have opened the discussion in peer groups, private clubs, and most importantly- between couples, and so many are stepping out of the box a bit more to find their new, favorite pleasures. As with many things in life, there are levels to this madness. We all start out on the bottom, and learn our way through the levels, to the top. (See what we did there, bottoms and tops?)

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Fetish Friday - Flogging

December 8, 2016 10:42:57 AM MST / By Boudoir Noir / Categories: Fetish Friday

Does the sound of a cracking whip excite you? Does the mere mention of a spanking plaster a smile across your face? How about the image of your partner's hand-print covering your ass cheek? The red outline of the smack and searing sting they've left behind... does that make you warm and tingly in certain intimate areas?

If it did, you might be secretly into flogging! Or loudly, if you're proud like that. Flogging is defined as, “a beating with a whip, stick, or anything as punishment or torture” (Oxford Dictionary). It is often said that there is a fine line between pleasure and pain, and this can be the case with flogging, depending on your method and tool of choice. When flogging another, make sure you’re following safety precautions, and avoiding the “no hit” zones.

There are many different types of floggers on the market, and they vary in weight, sting, thud, and handle options. Of course there are different colors, models, and styles, too. ‘Sting’ is most often determined by the material the falls are made of. Stings are sharp, and fade over time. The ‘thud’ is the bite left from the hide, or falls, that come in contact with your skin. A thud is often deeper, duller, and more controlled in flogging. Double-tailed floggers will double the ‘thud’ factor, if you’re looking to hear that cathartic smack on impact. The handles of floggers may be flat, have fabric or design covering the basic base, or be ergonomically designed for the best hold possible. The most common skins used for floggers and falls are suede, oiled leather, deer, elk, buffalo, rabbit, and non-leather flogger which consist of nylon straps, metal ball chains, and more.

The best positions to begin trying flogging are commonly being restrained to a mattress, bed frame, door frame, or suspended by a swing or cross restraint device. It is always best to start off easier, and build to the more complex floggers, scenes, and scenarios. Below you’ll find our list of Do’s & Don’ts we recommend for those just starting out!

The Do’s & Don’t on Learning to Flog 

-DO avoid the tailbone, spine, kidneys, face and neck

-DON’T choose a heavy flogger with long tails

-DO protect sensitive areas with clothing, blankets, towels or pillows

-DON’T choose a flogger with braided, beaded or knotted tails (not for beginners)

-DO practice your aim on a pillow

-DON’T use your flogger on multiple people

-DO aim your flogger for tips only; NO wrapping!

-DON’T play without practice! EVER!

-DO stop immediately if you notice ANYTHING off.

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Fetish Friday - Temperature Play

November 7, 2016 10:23:20 AM MST / By Boudoir Noir / Categories: Fetish Friday

Fetish Friday Temperature Play

Have you ever stopped to think about how our bodies react to temperature stimuli? What happens to a nipple when an ice cube is rested gently upon it? When we hurt ourselves and pull or twist a muscle, we are told to apply heat or cold, or both, to the area to help ease and relax the muscle tension.

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Fetish Friday - Sensation Play - Nipple Play

September 6, 2016 2:36:00 PM MDT / By Boudoir Noir / Categories: Fetish Friday

They're not just for nourishment. They pucker and contract when it's cold. All mammals have them. Some people like to stimulate them, pinch them, or tickle them. What are they? Nipples! Nipples can be one of the body's greatest erogenous zones, especially once you find a style of nipple play that best suits you! Not only that, but nipple play can and often does result in orgasm!

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Fetish Friday - Sensation Play - Tickling

June 29, 2016 2:17:19 PM MDT / By Boudoir Noir / Categories: Fetish Friday


Tickle, tickle, tickle! Did you know you can be intimately stimulated and feel a multitude of sensations through tickling sensation play? It’s true! You can! Tickle, tickle, tickle!

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Fetish Friday - Fetish 101

June 8, 2016 7:30:29 AM MDT / By Boudoir Noir / Categories: Fetish Friday

Over the years, we always seem to see the stigma and judgment that still comes with the “odd” types of intimacy and pleasure. There are three main questions:

WHY do people fetish? What is fetish? What is the point of fetish if its end is a regular orgasm?

Any sort of “fetish” is often seen as weird, off, odd, wrong, and bad; when truthfully, it’s just the opposite. The basic definition of fetish is the unusual need or desire for something. Those “something's” can range from inanimate objects, body parts like toes and knees, or certain sexual fixations. People who practice sexual fetishes are usually very in tune with their own needs, wants, and likes.

The things is that everyone enjoys, reacts, and finds pleasure in all different ways. And things. And that’s all perfectly okay! Why do people practice in certain types of fetish? Really there are millions of reasons that could be given, but the truth comes down to it is just whatever a person likes that finds them the pleasure and calm they are seeking. Could it be a purely physical connection? Absolutely. Is it part of mental healing, a block, or something from the past? It very well could be. The way you orgasm is different from the way she orgasms; and different from the way he orgasms. This is just another level reminder that all humans have similar needs; but our wants and likes vary so, so much.