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Bachelorette Party Planning Made Easy With Our Registry

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Bachelorette Party Planning

So what to do when you want one last fling before the ring? We not only have answers, we have the blueprint and survival kits to make for the bachelorette party of all bachelorette parties at!


So let’s start with some basics. This party is the where the bridesmaids and friends expect to …well, let their hair down and party! For this bridal blowout, it’s important for the bride-to-be and maid-of-honor to coordinate on gifts, thoughts, ideas, and theme. Shop Boudoir Noir’s huge selection of party supplies and use our registry for the “must have” gifts for the bride, and you leave no question unanswered! By using the Boudoir Noir's online wish list, you’ve instantly created a fun and sexy gift guide for the bride to be!


Start the night at home with a little pre-game action before the evening ahead. Present the bride-to-be with some steamy gifts purchased off of her Boudoir Noir registry, sample a little cake made from a fun-size, male-shaped mold, play a few silly games that are sure to induce some blushing and laughing. Include some banners, inflatables, and survival kits/party favors for the entire group and you are set. Fill your survival kits with shot glasses, boas, giant rings, straws, head bands, and more for the party-goers. The party will go from flat to fab instantly!


So the bride gets stocked up with gifts for the honeymoon like lingerie, maybe a Shag Bag, some crotchless panties, toys, oils and fragrances, and even a few killer dresses and corsets! And it’s always a great idea to make sure she has the right lingerie to wear under the wedding dress so the groom has a wedding night he won’t forget! The bride will also needs her survival kit for the night out filled with a sash, boa, bouquet, tiara, naughty veil, bride cup, and shot glass


After the pre-game, jump in the limo and head out on the town with your gift bags filled with fun! The night will be a complete success! You stocked up on the party supplies that guaranteed some serious laughs and fun, and everyone knew what gifts to get the bride because of Boudoir Noir’s online wish list.


If you need help, stop by any of our four locations and see us. Our sales consultants are trained to help you with the wish list as well as gift and theme ideas. The bachelorette party just got that much simpler! Online or any of our locations, we can help you create the bachelorette party of bachelorette parties!

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