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Become A Corset Goddess

Corsets are the hot item in fashion today. From the runways and red carpet, to the boardroom and bedroom, corsets are popping up everywhere! And a majority of women can agree that it is a look they admire or aspire to wear.

They are hitting several styles and tastes but, for many women, it's a completely different addition to the wardrobe. The biggest question we have customers asking is, "How, where and when do I wear it?"

Wearing corsets at the appropriate time and place, in proper context, seems to be the biggest thing holding ladies back from buying. Trying anything for the first time can often cause some hesitation. Fear not ladies, here are some basics to your new fashion adventure.

Curvy or svelte, all body types look amazing and super sexy in a corset. However, you should always take in to consideration how you wear it. It is important to first understand that a corset being worn during the daytime typically needs to be displayed a little differently than when worn during the evening. If you are wearing its four a dressy daytime occasion or to work, it's always good to pair it with a jacket or cardigan. Couple with a pencil skirt, suit, or pants and BAM, your turning heads with a sexy, but sophisticated look. You will still accentuate your curves but not overdo on the amount of skin showing or violate that pesky employee dress code. The great thing is that you can transition that outfit to the evening by simply shedding a layer!

Now you have a LOT more liberties when you head out for the night! Pull out all the stops with more skin, more embroidery, more beads, higher heals, shorter get the picture! Set your corset free and show every single inch of it and everyone will take that second look.

The days of corsets as lingerie or something embraced only by the fetish community are over. Wear them any time, any place, any way you want. Just show off that beautiful curvy figure in a corset. Instead of admiring those who wear them, be one of the fashion-forward admired. Here's a great place to start Go forth, be a goddess!

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