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Erotic Novels, Going Beyond 50 Shades of Grey

50 Shades of Grey adult novels erotic novels erotica

Erotic Novels, Going Beyond 50 Shades of Grey

The 50 Shades of Grey movie has started the hype all over again. Over the last couple of years I admit I haven't understood what the buzz was about. Things exploded for the 50 Shades franchise when the public discovered Michelle Obama was reading the series. Suddenly, middle-American soccer moms got the green light to pick up a “naughty” book…and they read it over and over, and over again!

I decided to pick up a copy of the books myself and give them a once over, strictly for research purposes of course. As a literary work, they’re not Pulitzer Prize winning material. However, the imagery and story had me glued, awaiting the next encounter between Christian and Anastasia. But in the “video is king” age that is upon us, how have these books become so popular when there are plenty of erotic films floating around?

I started talking to a few of my friends, whom I now lovingly call the “Horny Housewives Club.” I asked all of the HHC members, “Why read a book when you can just watch a movie instead?” Most of the ladies of the HHC that read the book had similar responses. It was easier for middle class moms, the vast majority of the 50 Shades series followers, to get their erotic fix as the rest of the family sat watching TV. It’s a little more discrete than popping in an erotic movie during family time…awkward!

So the big discovery here is one of Mars versus Venus, the fundamental difference between the ways women and men prefer to receive information. For women, it's more of a personal experience and theater of the mind. It’s also an escape from the real world for women of the HHC…if only for a “quickie” few pages. And with men, no shock here, eroticism is literal, more visual, and definitely more “hands on”. The 50 Shades series has given women a more discreet way to add a little excitement to their lives.

So if the 50 shades series can create such a stir, why aren’t there more books out there like this? The answer is there are many other well-written erotic novels out there, they just haven’t received the same amount of publicity as the 50 Shades series. The 50 Shades series was just the first to gain mainstream attention and acceptance. So fear not 50 Shades readers, members of the HHC, you can get more, more, more! You can still find an exciting escape from your time compressed, carpooled filled, soccer practice riddled lives.

All four Boudoir Noir locations carry a large selection of erotic books such as Entwined or Reflected in You by Sylvia Day. You can discover what other couples are getting into besides Christian & Anastasia. The fun definitely doesn’t stop here!

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