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Fetish #2

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Sexual Fetishes: Part 2


Have you ever been curious about some of your more secret desires? Why you like long blonde hair? Or really love the feel of your partners’ panties rubbing on your skin?

Sexual fetish is defined as, “a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc” ( When surveyed in 2014, most people selected BDSM and leather play as their top fetish. The majority of other adults surveyed selected voyeurism as their top fetish.

The sexual fetish community is a big one! There are numerous places online, and in many cities that meet for fetish clubs. You can easily find some of these web sites by searching online, or trying out FetLife!

Here are some other common, uncommon, and most selected fetishes that are participated in today!

Voyeurism. This fetish allows the person to find their sexual gratification by watching others share in intimate moments or sexual intercourse. Or these folks also like to be the participating party, and loved to be watched in any act of intimacy. Many think those affected by voyeurism are also into watching copious amounts of pornography. In certain cases, sure. But in most true voyeurism fetishes, only the real act, un-staged, would bring the same kind of pleasure.

Anililagnia. If you have a strong desire and attraction to older women, you may have this fetish! Affecting mostly men, many find themselves gawking and photos and news stories containing aging celebrities, or even senior citizens.

Navel Fetishism. Growing in ranking on the list of fetishes, navel fetishism is all about the love and sexual gratification one can find from the belly button! In some cases, this fetish covers the entire abdomen, and navel area.

Pictophilia. This fetish often affects more men than women, although many more women are admitting their love of pornographic pictures. This is a fetish that can be done alone, or with a partner. The fascination and sexual gratification from looking at images of people in the buff, or in the act, are often enough to induce an orgasm.

Underwear Fetishism. This fetish happens when the person loves to feel pantyhose, bras, panties, or fabrics that mimic the feeling of undergarments. In some instances, the person may like to watch the underwear item being put on and removed repeatedly.

If you’re wondering about any of the other more unusual fetishes, look up this one: Ursusagalmatophilia! You have this fetish if you find your gratification from stuffed animals!

In part 1 of our Sexual Fetish series, we covered how fetishes tend to show up in lives, and discuss when they can become a problem. We also covered some of the other top fetishes in America.

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