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Fetish Friday: Electro-Stimulation

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Fetish Friday: Electro-Stimulation

TGIFF! (Thank God its Fetish Friday) Today we’re talking Electro-Stimulation.

Electro-stimulation is stimulation using electricity, and has been used as a medical treatment related to the muscles for years. It has been found to have a stabilizing effect on muscle tissue as well as an effective way of treating muscle atrophy. Not only is electro-stimulation used in the treatment of muscle injuries, but also to improve athletic performance.

Erotic Electro-Stimulation/e-Stim/Electrosex is used by people to enhance their sexual experience. Electro-Stimulation, while a part of the BDSM community, is also used by all lifestyles. Depending on the E-stim product (and there are lots of them on the market) and the setting you will feel anything from a gentle tingling to a heavy throbbing.

For some it’s the psychological thrill of playing with electricity, for others it’s the actual feeling of the electricity that stimulates them. Having an orgasm from Electro-Stimulation is possible, but not everyone will. It depends upon your mood, how your body reacts to the stimuli and what your body is used to in order to climax.

Electro-Stimulation can be dangerous. When introducing it into your play, make sure to do your research. There are many articles, websites and videos that will help you uncover what and what NOT to do with Electro-Stimulation.

Like all things Fetish - It can be a new way to boost your erotic pleasure!

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Electro-stimulation is stimulation using electricity.

Erotic electro-stimulation (abbreviated e-stim[1] and also known as electrosex) is a human sexual practice involving the application of electrical stimulation to the nerves of the body, with particular emphasis on the genitals, using a power source (such as a TENS, EMS,Violet wand, or made-for-play units) for purposes of sexual stimulation. Electro Stimulation has been associated with BDSM activities, and erotic electro stimulation is an evolution of that practice. Erotic electro stimulation is the use of electro stimulation in an erotic or sexual manner versus the more hardcore and painful applications in BDSM.

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