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Fetish #1

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Sexual Fetishes: Part 1


Sexual fetishes can begin in numerous ways. Many people have strong obsessions with certain body parts, attributes, or inanimate objects. A sexual fetish is not a disorder by any definition, but can turn into a tricky situation, or obsession, in some cases if not controlled. Specialists and doctors do not agree on how these fetishes begin. Some state that they occur in early childhood before sexuality is discovered, and others say they are triggered by other traumatic repressed incidents. Extreme fetishes may require therapy, while others can be handled by self-discovery, and release.

Whatever the case or start of your fetish, know that you are not alone! There have been many studies and surveys done throughout the United States showing which fetishes are most common. These next fetishes are common, but more unheard of out of the fetish community.

Pygophilia. Are you obsessed with the buttocks? Do you find sexual satisfaction with anything involving the butt? This fetish covers looking at them, as well as touching them.

Stigmatophilia. This fetish covers being sexually aroused by tattoos and body piercings. This is not limited to the actual act of tattooing or piercing, but happens by the sight of tattoos or piercing as well.

Retifism. This common fetish affects more men than women by recent studies. If you love shoes… love looking at them, love touching them, love lovin’ them…you may have this fetish! Men who have this fetish often participate in “mass-shoe-bation,” which is a slang term for masturbating and coming to climax using a shoe.

Podophilia. Or foot fetishism, is the intense love and turn on by feet. This is often mistaken with retifism, but is very different. With this fetish, the person is attracted to toes, the actual foot, licking or smelling of the feet.

Trichophilia. This fetish is had by those who gain sexual pleasure or delight from hair! Typically this covers the hair on a head, but can also be chest, leg, or pubic hair as well. This fetish is very common in men and women, and many report the feeling of hair turns them on.

Join us for Part 2 of our Fetish series which will cover more of the many fetishes common in the United States!

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