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Vibrating C-Rings 101


Looking for a couple’s toy to enhance your pleasure in the bedroom that’s also great for any level of comfort and play? Made with a variety of material options, vibration functions, as well as shapes and styles; Vibrating Enhancement Rings, commonly referred to as Cock-Rings or C-Rings, are and have always been the most popular choice for couple play!

Though there are many ways to wear them, Enhancement Rings are standardly slid (with the addition of a quality lubricant) to the base of the shaft. They help to constrict blood flow, leading to a harder and longer lasting erection, while vibrating versions also simultaneously stimulate the wearer and partners nerve endings with vibration! Which direction the bullet sits on the shaft depends on the positions you choose and where you’d like to intensify the stimulation for yourself and/or your partner.

Playing solo with a standard dildo or vibe that doesn’t provide perineum or clitoral stimulation? You can modify existing toys with the addition of a C-Ring to assist in reaching an intensified orgasm. Since they aide in extending the length of an erection, Vibrating Cock-Rings are great to use with pumps, male masturbators, and to heighten pleasure during oral and hand play!

With the vast selection on the market, you may find yourself asking “What style of Vibrating Enhancement Ring is best for us?” or, “What choices are there exactly?”

Before purchasing a C-Ring, decide the intensity you and your partner are comfortable with, and the play you want to experience. If you’re new to C-rings, or toys in general, I suggest choosing a simple one-button Vibrating Cock-Ring that is more on the stretchy side.

Some styles to choose from are:

  • Remote controlled and/or Bluetooth compatible
  • Rechargeable
  • Battery operated
  • Wired
  • Wireless
  • C-Rings with Attachments and added stimulation
  • Testicle and shaft straps

Generally speaking, rechargeable Enhancement Rings give off a stronger vibration than any battery-operated option, but if you’re looking for a powerful battery-operated style, choose a C-Ring with a larger bullet. When it comes to material; Jelly-style materials will always stretch larger and be the better choice for beginners to start out with. Silicone material options will be more durable than jelly, and though they are predominately stretchy, they provide more restriction to blood flow as well.
As far as the Tickler that holds the Bullet/vibration mechanism goes, shape and style matters depending on the go-to positions you enjoy. For example; choose a longer Tickler style if your partner prefers constant stimulation while thrusting during sex, or a flatter styled Tickler for a partner that enjoys being on top!

Ready to give C-Rings a try or select a new addition for your bedroom adventures? Look below to check out some of my top picks for Vibrating Enhancement Rings and click on the product you’re interested in to find out more!

Perfect for beginners to advanced:

C-Rings with attachments:

Remote controlled or Bluetooth compatible:

Stop into one of our locations to look at our selection and for more detailed assistance in choosing the Enhancement ring to meet your needs, or chat with one of our Virtual Assistants online now!

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