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Why Vibrators

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Why Vibrators, and Choosing your First One:

Whether you’re playing solo or with a partner, Vibrators are popular additions to anyone’s sex life. Most commonly used for vaginal penetration and/or clitoral stimulation, there are many varieties safe for anal play as well! Due to the variety of styles, functions, and aesthetics there are options on the market to fit everyone’s needs, preferences, and experience level. But due to the vast selection available, it can be intimidating for those who are interested in purchasing their first Vibrator.


If you’re unsure how to start looking, or which Vibe is best compatible for you needs, have no fear; At Boudoir Noir, we’ve got your back! So, lets discuss some important boxes to check while shopping for your first Vibrator:

1) Know your budget

The price of a Vibrator is generally based on the materials it’s made of, functionality, whether it is battery-operated or rechargeable, and depending on what features it is designed with! Knowing the worth of a Vibe and aligning your budget to fit into the style you’re after is a good idea when browsing for a new toy.


2) Preferences & Goal

This might seem like a no brainer but, since there are different styles of Vibrators that are useful for achieving different outcomes, knowing what goal you wish to achieve with your new toy is crucial to choosing the right one. Are you looking for something to use with a partner or solo? Do you enjoy clitoral (or perineum) stimulation with penetration during sex? Do you want to be able to stimulate you G-Spot (or P-Spot)? Do you like intense vibration, or a teasing sensation?


3) Material & Functionality

Since no two bodies are the same, it is safe to say that skin sensitivities and sensation preferences are usually different for everyone. Differences in size, shape, vibration patterns and intensities, as well as material. As far are material goes, there are many variations. The most well-known:


Ultraskyn/Realfeel/Cyberskyn: These ultra-realistic materials not only feel real, they also have the most realistic look including skin tones and detail.


TPE/TPR: These materials can be realistic in look, yet with more of a solid feel than the above, and usually have a gloss coating. They are flexible yet durable.


Jelly: An almost plush, squishy feeling material that is flexible with the body. These materials usually look brightly colored though slightly clear.


Silicone: The best material for hypoallergenic or sensitive skin types, silicone materials tend to hold up to the test of time when properly cared for, and clean easily. Depending on the style, silicone can flex with the body, and tends to be the quietest material during vibration.


ABS-(plastics): Hard Standard Vibrators are made of this material. These styles do not flex with the body, yet due to the minimum amount of coating, they tend to concentrate the intensity of vibrations.


4) Lubricant

Whether you’re 18 or 80, lubrication is a necessity in any bedroom especially with the use of toys. Keep in mind the material of the Vibe you choose, and make sure to pick a Lubricant that is compatible! Water based Lubes are safe for all toy material types and since it is water soluble, it is easy to clean too.

5) Health & Hygiene

The use of soap on any internal toy, like Vibrators, is not suggested; You don’t use soap internally when you bathe, so its not a great idea to use soap on a toy that will be inserted. Soap can cause PH balance issues and other problems. We suggest using a toy cleaner that aligns with your skin sensitivities, and always clean your toys before and after use. Never store toys together or touching, and always store them in a dry container/space.


For more information on an above products’ specifics, click on the image you’d like to know more about. Still need help on choosing the right Vibrator for you? Follow this link on How to Choose A Vibrator at Boudoir Noir’s Backroom Blog, or stop into one of our locations to speak with one of our associates and browse our selection of Vibes to meet your needs! Don’t have a Boudoir Noir near you? Chat with one of our Virtual Assistants online now.

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