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Adam & Eve EZ Anal Douche - Black
Adam & Eve EZ Anal Douche - Black

Adam & Eve EZ Anal Douche - Black

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  • Sleek, firm and flexible plastic tip for easy insertion

  • Generous squeeze bulb controls water flow

  • Unique flat base so it won't tip over

  • Tip screws into bulb and stays there 

  • Disassembles for easy, thorough cleaning

  • Tip is 4.75" long, .5" wide

  • Bulb base is 5" tall, 3" wide

  • Safe with water-based and silicone lubes

Naturally, the EZ Anal Douche makes a thoughtful gift for any anal curious partner. It's a real conversation starter!

It is highly recommended you use your EZ Anal Douche in the bath or shower –– and lubricating the tip makes a huge difference in terms of comfort!

You might notice some features unique to the EZ Anal Douche. First, the squeeze bulb holds a lot of water for an easier, faster douche. Secondly, the flat base means you can set it down on a flat surface and not worry about left over water pouring out.

Once you're finished making your tushie sparkling clean for carefree anal fun, unscrew the tip and wash both parts in hot water with soap and rinse thoroughly. Once dried, store your EZ Anal Douche in a cool, dark place.

Women and men interested in anal sex, anal toys and just some good ol' fooling around the back door should always have an EZ Anal Douche within easy reach. Don't get left behind in your anal play, get yours today!

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