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Reclaiming Intimacy’s Goddess Self-Adhering Breast Forms
Reclaiming Intimacy’s Goddess Self-Adhering Breast Forms
Reclaiming Intimacy’s Goddess Self-Adhering Breast Forms
Reclaiming Intimacy’s Goddess Self-Adhering Breast Forms
Reclaiming Intimacy’s Goddess Self-Adhering Breast Forms

Reclaiming Intimacy’s Goddess Self-Adhering Breast Forms

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Small 32D–DD, 34C, 36B–C, 38A–B, 40A–B, 42A–B
Medium 34D–DD, 36D–DD, 38C–D, 40 C–D, 42C, 44 A–C
Large 38DD, 40DD, 42D–DD, 44D–DD, 46A–B, 48A
Extra Large 46C–D, 48B, 50A–B





For more information on special ordering a size not listed, please contact Reclaiming Intimacy directly.


Reclaiming Intimacy’s Goddess Breast Form prosthesis have a self adhering, and slightly concave backing which creates a more natural look, feel, and tru-fit to chest wall when worn. These forms were designed with long-term wear in mind. Their unique no-membrane skin means they cannot burst, and are safe to sleep in! For the most natural experience, Goddess forms warm to your body, fits left to right adding fullness and making shoulders appear smaller, while also providing a realistic silicone skin material for a natural feel. Innovative self-adhesive back is easy to attach without any additional glues or tapes. The built-in adhesive is designed to last as long as your breast forms do!

Self-adhesive breast forms can be worn in regular bras that have no pockets, or you can go bra-less. Additionally, these forms include prosthetic back covers, and can be worn as bra inserts instead of adhering them to the chest.
With the options to customize the color and size, as well as wearablility, all helps our Goddess prosthetic to feel like a true extension of you, so you can wear them with confidence. The tapered edges on each form mean an almost seamless appearance with your own chest wall to give the appearance of a real breast.

With the purchase of Reclaiming Intimacy’s Goddess breast forms, you will also receive an instruction booklet and FREE care kit including; Reclaiming Intimacy’s Clean, 10 reusable Skin Tac Wipes for additional adhesion, storage box, & a set of prosthetic backing covers.

Hand crafted by skilled artisans just for you, Goddess forms are available in 3 color options and 4 sizes.


Allow two weeks for delivery.



  • Silicone breast forms with built-in adhesive
  • Cannot be punctured or burst
  • Lifelike built-in nipples
  • Tapered edges blend with the body
  • Silicone membrane looks and feels realistic
  • Safe to sleep in
  • Makeup friendly design
  • Retail-ready packaging
  • Asymmetrical shape fits left and right
  • Hand crafted in Canada
  • Two Year Warranty
Reclaiming Intimacy Products & L-Codes for Insurance Self-Filing

L8020- Breast Prothesis, Mastectomy Form

L8030- Breast Prosthesis, Silicone or Equal, without Integral Adhesive

L8031- Breast Prosthesis, Silicone or Equal, with Integral Adhesive

L8039- Breast Prosthesis, Not Otherwise Specified

-Reclaiming Intimacy’s Goddess Breast Form Prosthesis

-Reclaiming Intimacy’s Ruby Breast Form Prosthesis

Some of our products may qualify for a reimbursement from your insurance company. To verify this, contact your insurance company directly to check on your personal plan details. If the product is covered, you will need the “L-code,” along with your receipt of purchase and prescription for the device from your doctor; along with any form required by your insurance company. (Many insurance companies require a “reimbursement form” from their company.) This sheet in no way guarantees that the therapeutic device purchased will or will not be covered by your insurance. Any questions regarding your insurance coverage should be directed to your insurance company. We do not file insurance.

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