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Cello Valkyrie Edition
Cello Valkyrie Edition
Cello Valkyrie Edition
Cello Valkyrie Edition
Cello Valkyrie Edition

Cello Valkyrie Edition

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Dimensions: 60" L x 18" W x 26" H
  • Experience passion and luxury with the Cello Valkyrie Edition
  • Firm support for enduring comfort and stability
  • Dual curves and narrow frame for a variety of intimate positions
  • Sleek design fits seamlessly in any environment
  • Versatile use as a lounging, tantric yoga, or gaming chair
  • Customize your experience with loop fabric sides
  • BDSM accessories attach with touch fasteners
  • Effortless maintenance with removable, machine-washable cover
  • Moisture-resistant inner liner ensures long-lasting durability

*This product is made to order, it can take up to 2-4 weeks to ship!*

*This item is large and heavy - additional shipping costs apply*

Tethers Included - Cuffs Not Included

Compose a SYMPHONY of passion and luxury with our Cello Valkyrie Edition - the ultimate fusion of sensuality and sophistication. Every curve and contour of this exquisite creation has been meticulously designed to awaken your deepest desires and cultivate heightened intimacy.

The Cello Valkyrie Edition provides the perfect stage for love with firm support, enhancing comfort and stability, ensuring impressive performances. Dual curves and a deep center dip allow lovers to enjoy standing, kneeling, reclining, and riding positions while being able to transition with ease. Explore a symphony of intimate positions and discover surprising peaks of pleasure. The slip-proof bottom ensures stability on slick surfaces even during the wildest duet. 

Artfully composed of plush micro velvet with loop fabric sides that allow you to attach accessories of your choice, including BDSM restraints. The included headrest attaches firmly to the Cello using touch fasteners. Similarly, the accompanying cuff kit comes equipped with touch fasteners too. These fasteners grip the loop sides – giving you the power to customize your bondage experience like a virtuoso. Strap your lover in for an orgasmic overture. 

Our commitment to your pleasure extends to convenience. The removable, machine-washable cover ensures that maintaining your Cello Valkyrie Edition is as effortless as a sultry serenade. With a moisture-resistant inner liner, it indulges your fantasies and guarantees years of exquisite enjoyment. Like a timeless arpeggio, the Cello resonates with your desires.

Beyond its tantalizing features, the Cello Valkyrie Edition boasts a sleek, tasteful design that harmonizes with any environment. Stash your cuff kit away then let it double as a lounging, yoga, or gaming chair, ready to satisfy your every need and add an evocative melody to your space.

Create a duet with your lover, explore novel rhythms, and reach startling crescendos of pleasure. Surrender to the enchanting Cello Valkyrie Edition – where passion and ecstasy compose a symphony of sensations. Your deepest desires are our musical notes, waiting to be played. 

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