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Reclaiming Intimacy’s Ruby Breast Forms
Reclaiming Intimacy’s Ruby Breast Forms
Reclaiming Intimacy’s Ruby Breast Forms
Reclaiming Intimacy’s Ruby Breast Forms

Reclaiming Intimacy’s Ruby Breast Forms

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Experience perfect luxury with Reclaiming Intimacy’s Ruby breast prosthesis forms, which have medical grade ‘V’ shaped double-sided tape to secure the form to your chest. Its unique adhesive pattern gives the sensation of having real, natural breasts, due to the natural tension created by the adhesive. These breast forms are full of natural movement and are soft as cashmere. Tapered edges help create a more natural appearance on the body and the slightly concave back fits most body types.  Naturally weighted design feels just like real breasts on your body.  One year manufacturers’ warranty against defects.

The medical grade ‘V’ shaped double-sided adhesive tape is easy to attach without any additional glues. Warms to your body for the most natural experience.

The Ruby breast form prosthesis can be worn in regular bras that have no pockets.  Very realistic in appearance and touch. These forms have a new design with non-pu-covered silicone means that these breast forms are safe to sleep in. There are no seems to damage when you lie on them with your full weight! This non-cover silicone feels like real skin and warms to the touch.  Fits left and right for a natural fit to the chest wall.  Tapered edges mean an almost seamless appearance with your own chest wall to give the appearance of a real breast. Slightly concave backing for tru-fit to chest wall.  Unique no-membrane skin that means forms cannot burst.  Feminizing effect with fullness towards the underarm, making shoulders appear smaller. Free care kit included.

Forms are only available in one skin tone at this time (see photo). The forms do not have a built-in nipple. A removable pair of medium almond nipples are included with purchase. 



Small (4)

Medium (8)

Large (10)

X-Large (14)


  • Vanilla

For more information on special orders for sizes not listed, please contact Reclaiming Intimacy directly.


  • Made with Ultra Soft silicone
  • 12 sizes for a perfect fit every time
  • Thicker back membrane is more durable
  • Asymmetrical shape fits left and right, and helps to make shoulders look smaller
  • Full of movement and bounce for the perfect luxury
  • Natural-looking profile
  • Built-in, wider nipples for more projection
  • Made in the USA
  • One year manufacturers warranty against defects
  • Allow two to four weeks for delivery.

Reclaiming Intimacy’s Ruby Breast Forms Includes:

  • Multiple strips of Medical grade “V” shaped doubled sided tape, which will adheres the breast forms to the body
  • Skin Tac Adhesive barrier wipes. Medical grade wipes to hold tapes better, & slows perspiration
  • Tac Away adhesive remover wipes. This will remove all of the adhesive residue from skin and the breast form.


Reclaiming Intimacy Ruby Reviews

“I love the product and it is exactly what I was looking for. The weight is perfect for a “real-feel” and I appreciate the option to remove the nipples so they don’t have to be showing through clothing. I special ordered my size and had to wait a bit longer, but I was updated throughout their process. I am very happy with my new forms, but feel like if you purchase a larger size, you may also want to purchase an additional adhesive if you like to go braless. Thank you so much!” JJ, NY

Reclaiming Intimacy Products & L-Codes for Insurance Self-Filing

L8020- Breast Prothesis, Mastectomy Form

L8030- Breast Prosthesis, Silicone or Equal, without Integral Adhesive

L8031- Breast Prosthesis, Silicone or Equal, with Integral Adhesive

L8039- Breast Prosthesis, Not Otherwise Specified

-Reclaiming Intimacy’s Goddess Breast Form Prosthesis

-Reclaiming Intimacy’s Ruby Breast Form Prosthesis

Some of our products may qualify for a reimbursement from your insurance company. To verify this, contact your insurance company directly to check on your personal plan details. If the product is covered, you will need the “L-code,” along with your receipt of purchase and prescription for the device from your doctor; along with any form required by your insurance company. (Many insurance companies require a “reimbursement form” from their company.) This sheet in no way guarantees that the therapeutic device purchased will or will not be covered by your insurance. Any questions regarding your insurance coverage should be directed to your insurance company. We do not file insurance.

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