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Zeus Electrosex Power Box Kit
Zeus Electrosex Power Box Kit
Zeus Electrosex Power Box Kit

Zeus Electrosex Power Box Kit

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Kit Includes

Power box
2 penis bands
2 silicone pads
2 leads

Power box Length: 6 inches Width: 2.7 inches
Silicone pads Length: 1.75 inches Width: 1.75 inches
Penis Band: Adjust up to 7 inches

Electrify your sex life with this shockingly easy to use and pleasure-packed Power Box kit!Place the sticky, silicone pads anywhere below the beltline to add even more intensity to your experience! With this Zeus e-stim power box, you have 8 preset e-stim modes and 15 e-stim intensity levels! Explore all 8 modes including Acupuncture, Manipulation, Immunotherapy, Stroke, Weight Reducing, Massage, Cupping and Scraping.

Star with fresh batteries in your power box and e-stim gel or water-based lube at your side. Find yourself a comfortable place to explore new sensations. You feel yourself getting excited and the proof shows as you feel a strain against your pants. You start by slipping the penis bands over the top and bottom parts of your shaft, adjusting for a snug fit. Then, you connect the leads to the bands and the Powerbox. The silicone pads are placed to stimulate your prostate; one above the pelvic bone in front and the other behind, right above the buttocks.

You connect them to the leads as well. You try out both together, and then unplug one of the leads to switch it up and experience them separately. The 8 different styles of stimulation are almost more than you can take! They surprise you and then you feel the intensity rising as you change settings and levels! Before you know it you're having the most mind blowing experience ever! To your delight and surprise, the electricity invites you to keep going, even after you've reached your climax!

ON/OFF- Press to turn power box on/off.
STRONG- Press to start e-stim on the lowest level. Press repeatedly to cycle up through 15 intensity levels.
WEAK- Press repeatedly to cycle down through 15 intensity levels. Last press of the button will turn off e-stim.
MODE- Press to manually cycle through 8 pre-set e-stim modes: Acupuncture, Stroke, Massage, Cupping, Manipulation, Scraping, Weight Reducing, and Immunotherapy.
TIME- Press to set the e-stim duration to 5, 10, or 15 minutes.

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