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5 Super Fun App-Based Couples Toys 

app controlled couple couples couples sex toys

5 Super Fun App-Based Couples Toys 

Technology is all around us, so why not add it into our bedroom? App-based sex toys give you the power and freedom to control your pleasure — or keep your partner guessing while you watch their reaction.  

Why should you choose an app-based toy? 

  • You’ll (hopefully) never lose the remote control again, since it is just an app on your phone.
  • It’s easier to operate the toy discreetly and give yourself or a partner pleasure in public situations. 
  • It spices up long distance relationships, since your partner can play with you from afar.
  • You can pair it with your music to experience pleasure to the beat. 

So, now that you’re convinced to give app-based toys a try, we have some great recommendations for you. Here are 5 of our favorite app-based toys for couples, though some of them are great to use solo, too! 

  1. Lush 3 

The Lush 3 is one of the most popular G-spot app-controlled toys on the market. It’s super strong but silent, making it great for public and discreet play. This rumbling egg will hug up against the G-spot for constant stimulation, while the app makes it easy to use anywhere you choose! 

  1. Edge

If you’re looking for an awesome prostate toy, you’ve found it with the Edge! The material makes it flexible to fit your body and help it to sit right up against the prostate better than most traditional toys. It boasts powerful vibrations and a slim base to help it sit comfortably for long term wear and ensure a great experience inside or outside of the bedroom.

  1. We-vibe Chorus

The highest-rated couples toy in the world, the We-vibe Chorus is a vibrator that can give you both clitoral and G-spot stimulation, while also feeding those vibrations to your partner during sex! To add to its versatility, you can use it just like you would use vibrating panties and wear it out and about for constant stimulation just where you need it!

  1. Max 2

For penis owners, this interactive masturbator is perfect! Not only does this sleeve offer vibrations, but it will also tighten around you for a realistic experience. This sleeve is soft and textured for a lifelike experience. You can also pair this toy to another Max/Max 2 or to the Nora rotating head rabbit vibrator via the app, so that you can have virtual sex from anywhere in the world. Don’t let distance take away your intimacy!

  1. Moxie

The fan-favorite of panty vibes, this vibrator magnetically sticks to your panties so that it can sit comfortably wherever you like it, comfortably. Say goodbye to magnetic wings, one size fits all panties, or bullets that slip into a pocket that just isn’t in the right place. This vibe is great to wear and play with a partner or to experience by yourself. Pair it with your favorite sexy playlist for a good time with your partner or solo! 

When you’re ready to give an app-based toy a go, find yours at Boudoir Noir on our website or at our locations in Fort Wayne and Evansville. 

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