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Anal Orgasms: Yes, They’re Real! 

Anal Orgasms Yes they're real

Psssst. There’s a new kid on the block, another type of orgasm to drive you wild: the anal orgasm.

Whether a person has a penis or a vulva, all people are able to experience this alternative type of thrill, and we’re going to walk you through exactly how to make it happen. 

First, let’s discuss what’s under the hood so you can understand how anal orgasms are possible. The anus and anal canal have tons of sentisitive nerve endings. That already makes anal sex pleasurable for many people.

For people with a vulva, the clitoris is actually very long internally, and often ends near the anus. That means you can hit the back end of the clitoris with anal stimulation. For people with a penis, the prostate is located very close to the anus. It’s a very sensitive area that, when stimulated, can cause a lot of sexual pleasure. Keep stimulating those erogenous zones and you’ll soon experience your first anal orgasm.

It’s no wonder anal play can be so pleasing! If you’re new to anal play, here are some things to consider and keep in mind as you enter this realm of sexual pleasure. 

WIth any sexual play involving the anus, lube is a must. The anal canal does not make a natural lubricant like the vagina does, so there will be literally nothing there to make friction easier. The Jo H20 Anal is an amazing choice. It’s a cooling, water-based lubricant that won’t leave any residue behind. 

Once you have your lube, it’s time to start experimenting with anal play.

Butt plugs are a great place to start because there is no need to really learn how to use them. Once they are inserted, they just stay where they are and provide pleasure by stimulating your clitoris or prostate. No need to thrust or play with settings while you move them onto your erogenous zones.

It’s important to use a specifically designed butt plug on the anus and not just any regular toy, as butt plugs are designed to have a wider base  so that the entire toy doesn’t enter the anal canal. It also makes removal easier. Butt plugs can come in all sizes, but we recommend starting with plugs that are smaller than 1.25” in diameter.  

As you gain more anal experience, you’ll likely find that you want to try larger plugs. The Blush Luxe kit and Satisfyer Plug sets are great options that allow you to gradually bump up to larger sizes and different textures.  

Butt plugs are great to use in all stages of your sexual play. They’re incredible as you’re warming up with fingers, oral, or both. They’re also amazing to pair with vaginal penetration, or they can be your sexy secret if you’re heading out for the night and are feeling a little frisky. 

Once you’ve gotten comfortable with butt plugs, you can try other anal toys too. Boudoir Noir has a great selection of anal vibrators, glass and metal toys, and beads and balls. Stop in to one of our locations in Fort Wayne or Evansville to see our collection or shop online.

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