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Best Masturbators for People With a Penis

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 Best Masturbators for People with a Penis

It may seem like the market of women’s vibrators and other masturbators is extremely saturated with different types of toys for all kinds of play. While that is true, the men’s masturbator market is also expanding rapidly! 

Gone are the days of blow-up doll-only masturbation experiences. People with a penis now have a plethora of masturbation options available!

These toys don’t have to just be used for solo play; there are great options for those who want to try something new with their partner too. 

Men’s masturbators tend to fall into a few categories: sleeves/strokers, large masturbators, dolls, and tech masturbators.

With sleeves, you can expect to be doing the stroking work yourself, like you would if you were masturbating sans toys.

Large masturbators and dolls, on the other hand, allow for more realistic play with just the thrust of your hips. These toys can often rest on your bed, a table, or any flat surface. Kitchen counter anyone?! 

Tech masturbators are like a vibrator version of sleeve masturbators, but they use technology to create different sensations and pulsing experiences. 

Here are some of our favorite masturbators for penis owners this month: 

Satisfyer Heat 

This masturbator isn't about the usual stroking gestures. Instead, it focuses more on warmth and vibration. It’s a great toy for men looking to enhance their experience during masturbation. This is also a really easy one to use with a partner, since it’s a smaller size it won’t be as tiring as a larger stroker or get in the way. It’s great for men who are bottoming! 

Satisfyer Classic 

A simplified fleshlight, this classic stroker is a great introduction to masturbators without breaking the bank. The sleeve has a very basic ribbed texture, but the material is very soft and realistic. You can control the airflow for as much or as little suction as you’d like. It is easy to take apart for cleaning, making it a win-win! 

Adam & Eve Bangin’ Betty

For the visual fun and realistic feel, the Bangin’ Betty has you covered. This toy is made to be flat on one side so you can lay it on a bed/table or any surface you’d like. It has 2 realistic holes, with a ribbed texture on the inside of each. It’s surprisingly easy to clean as well, as it was designed so the holes go all the way through the toy, making it easy to flush all lube and fluids out of it.

Looking to get started with a masturbator? Shop Boudoir Noir’s wide range of masturbators, available online or at our locations in Fort Wayne and Evansville.

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