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Best Positions for Anal Sex

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Best Positions for Anal Sex

When you first hear the term anal sex, what do you think? For some, it’s “oh hell no.” For others, it’s more of a “yes, please!” Some fall somewhere in between, where there’s curiosity, but no real judgement made yet. 

Anal sex is often thought of as taboo in heterosexual relationships, so your friends might not be talking about it, but a 2017 survey found that 36% of millennials have female anal sex and 15% have male anal sex at least occasionally. So, lots of people are doing anal! 

Whether you’re an anal pro or you’re planning your first time, here are some of the best positions to do the deed with the back door. Most of these positions would work for either heterosexual or homosexual couples. Lesbian couples can try these positions with a well-lubed strap on

Doggy Style 

This one is a given, but you might feel more comfortable starting in a position you’re already comfortable with if this is your first time trying anal. Obviously, instead of inserting the penis into the vagina, slowly insert it into the anus instead. Doggy style is also great because it allows both, or either one of you to stimulate the bottom partner’s clitoris or penis at the same time. 

Lying Doggy

Similar to traditional doggy style, but this time, one partner is lying down on their stomach and the other is behind him or her. If a woman is on bottom, it’s still easy to stimulate the clitoris here, but this may not be as enjoyable for men who enjoy having their penis stimulated at the same time. 


Yes, you can do anal in missionary! This one’s simple, and provides easy access to whatever ‘equipment’ the bottom partner is working with. The person on bottom may need to roll back a little to make insertion possible.

Assisted Missionary 

This one is very similar to missionary in that one partner is on their back and the other is above him or her, but this uses the assistance of an object, such as a chair. You can also do it with one partner lying on the edge of the bed and the other partner standing on the floor beside it. The standing or kneeling partner enters the anus of the partner on their back. As it would in vaginal penetrative sex, this position gives a different angle and access level to the top partner.

The Lap Dance

This position can use the help of a chair, bed, or bench, but it can also be done on the floor or with both of you on the same surface. The Lap Dance gives the receiving partner more control over the penetration, unlike any of the positions mentioned above.

Imagine the giving partner sitting in a chair. The receiving partner can then lower onto the penis, facing either forwards or backwards, and ride the penis at their own pace.

Anal sex can be very fun — and the right lube and toys can make it even better. Stop in to Boudoir Noir in Fort Wayne or Evansville or shop online to check out our incredible selection of anal play products

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