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Best Positions for Great Shower Sex 

sex in the shower shower sex

 Best Positions for Great Shower Sex 

When talking to people, one thing is for certain: the market is mixed when it comes to opinions on shower sex. 

While some struggle to see its value while standing in the cold as their partner hogs the water, others absolutely love how close and intimate the shower experience can be. 

Whichever side of the equation you fall on, we’re going to get you prepped and ready for National Shower Together Day, celebrated on February 5th. 

So, read on and get ready to invite your partner to a shower date. 

Best Shower Sex Positions:

  • Kneeling oral 

Remember, sex is any sexual act — it doesn’t have to be intercourse to count.

One thing that might be easy for you and your partner to start with is kneeling oral. For people giving oral sex to someone with a penis, sitting on the edge of the tub or on a shower bench is likely to give you the perfect height you need. If you’re in a stand-up shower, try kneeling in front of him. Don’t be afraid to put a towel down for your knees (though it will get soaked).

If you’re giving oral to someone with a vulva, kneeling is probably best. Have her place one foot on the edge of the tub or bench to make your ease of access better. In a stand-up shower, you can always have her drape her leg over your shoulder in order to make it easy for you to reach her. 

  • Standing mutual masturbation 

Whether you’re watching your partner touch themself or you’re touching one another at the same time, mutual masturbation in the shower is insanely hot. Try facing one another or even coming close to kiss while your hands are devouring one another. An added benefit? The closer you are, the more likely you both are to be enjoying some of the steaming hot water. 

  • Seated

A shower bench is awesome for this one, but not necessary. If you have a bench, have the penetrating partner sit and the receiving partner get on top facing either towards or away from the sitting partner. If you don’t have a shower bench, sit right on the shower floor. This is another great way to ensure you both get to continue enjoying the hot water! 

  • Standing doggy 

This one is pretty self explanatory. Just take all of the magic of your traditional doggy style and add water. Instead of one or both partners being on their knees, you will both be standing. Remember not to grab onto anything that could fall when trying to support yourself, such as towel bars, soap dishes, or faucets. Instead, use the shower walls or side of the tub as needed.

  • Standing missionary 

Another oldie but goody is the standing missionary. Have the receiving partner place his or her foot on the side of the sub or bench in order to make access easier. If either one of you is slipping around, consider purchasing an anti-slip shower mat to make things easier. 

Tip: if you want to turn the heat up even more, consider using a waterproof toy while you get dirty. We have a wide variety of waterproof sex toys at Boudoir Noir, available online or in our stores in Fort Wayne and Evansville. Check them out! 

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