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Heat Up Your Sex Life With Warming Toys

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Heat Up Your Sex Life With Warming Toys

Baby, it’s cold outside — but that’s an incredible excuse to warm up, both around the house and in between the sheets. 

In the cold winter months, it can be hard to crawl out of your warm, cozy clothes to bare it all and get intimate. Especially if you’re in Indiana like us, the winters can be bone-chillingly cold. But we don’t want your sex life to suffer just because the snow is falling and the streets are icy. We have a game changer to share with you: warming sex toys. 

Although they keep their greatness all year long, we’re partial to keeping warming sex toys nearby in the winter months to literally heat things up, and we think you will love them too. These toys are great for use both solo and with your partner, so however you play, you’ll be sure to love them. 

Here are 4 awesome warming toys to heat up your cold winter nights: 

Evolved Triple Infinity 

The Triple Infinity was designed to drive people with a vulva wild. It’s a warming g-spot toy with super intense clitoral suction. The g-spot reacher is firm so that users can rock back and forth with it. This one is great for use solo or with a partner - it’s ring-shaped handle is comfortable for a partner to hold for you.


The Triple Threat

This toy is great for people with any genitalia to use. It’s a fantastic g-spot or anal toy with it’s quick thrusting strong vibrating capabilities. This toy is power-packed for anyone looking for a realistic warming experience!


Power Boost Dildo 

This strap-compatible toy is great for any couple wanting to upgrade their classic strap-on for a more realistic feel, or those just looking for an awesome solo toy. Not only do you get warming and vibrations, but it also spins to hit the g/p spot better! Penis and vulva owners alike will love this great option. 


Warming Prostate Probe 

Penis owners, this one’s for you. This prostate toy would be a wonderful addition to anyone’s toy box. It will drive you wild as it warms you up from the inside out with its strong vibrations and intense thrusting.

These are some of our favorite options, but we stock several warming toys and lubricants for you to enjoy. Check out our online store or stop in to our locations in Fort Wayne or Evansville. 

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