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Sex On The Beach


Sex on the Beach!!


No, no, no! Not the adult beverage! We’re talking the real deal here folks!

Picture this. You’re going on a beach vacation with the person who has stolen your heart. Arriving at the beach, the sunset is beautiful and the waves are crashing perfectly on the shore. You exchange intimate and hot gazes with your partner, noting the sensual body language and you instantly fall into a pile of sand, grinding each other into earth shattering orgasms.

At least, that’s how beach sex is portrayed in the movies, and written about in books. No one takes the time to warn you about sand in your crack, the roughness of salt water on the skin, and the illegality of this very public display of affection. But all that said, beach sex is something on most adults bucket list, or at least have had wishful and lustful thoughts about trying.

If you’ve got a vacation planned and you’re considering livening up the routine, and treating your partner to the sea’s own saltiness, you’ll want to take the time to make sure of a few things, first.

Location, Location, Location! In this case, it’s all about being inconspicuous, and knowing your location. Public sex is obviously illegal, regardless of where you’re at. Scout the beach for low spots, or areas in between sand dunes. If you’ve got more time, you can dig out a sand hammock during the day, and wait until night falls to try it out with your partner. Or maybe think about a portable sun cabana, which would give even more privacy. Positioning can also be an issue so you’re not caught, or used in someone else’s voyeuristic fantasy pleasures! The spooning position, cowgirl or cowboy, and sitting on the lap (forward or backward) can be very functional positions for beach sex.

Sand is a wonderful builder, tool, and silicone base. Although, sand can be quite irritating to any human body intimate area. In our most sensitive areas the skin is thin, very breakable, and can easily become dried out. Anyone considering any type of intimate play in the sand should have blankets, or enough towels, to cover the entire area being used.

Like sand, water can also cause dryness, and skin irritation. Salt water is harsher than city water. If your escapades end up on the dry side, make sure you’ve got a strong, thick silicone lubricant you can use in or out of the water! Don’t ever use your sunscreen lotion or oil as a lubricant! If you find yourself gritty and sticky after the act, rinsing is as easy as stepping a few feet into the salty sea!

Remember to have a blast planning, and seeing your beach sex fantasy out to the end! Keep your feet in the water, and your ass out of the sand! Oh, and watch out for sharks!!

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