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The P-Spot

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The P-Spot

You’ve probably heard of the G-spot, but what about the P Spot? The P spot is a term referring to the prostate gland, a highly sensitive part of the male genitals that you can stimulate anally. It’s a pleasure center that is often even referred to as the male G-spot.

Where Is The P Spot? 

The prostate gland is located under the base of a man’s bladder, and is about the size of a walnut. It actually plays a very important role in the creation of semen and creates a lot of the fluid that comes out of the penis when a man orgasms. It swells during arousal, causing many men a very pleasurable feeling when pleasure is applied to it. 

How Do I Find My P Spot? 

There are three ways to find and stimulate your P Spot. The first would be by applying pressure to the perineum, the area between your anus and scrotum. You won’t feel it directly, but you might find some pleasure from massaging this area. 

The second is to put pressure onto the anus, without penetration. Press on it a couple of times and see what you feel. You might have better luck by using a couple of fingers instead of just one, or using a sex toy with a larger base. 

Finally, the most direct way to stimulate the P Spot is through anal penetration. Biological men of all sexualities can feel pleasure this way, though heterosexual men are often apprehensive to try. Unfortunately, that means they could be missing out on some of the most pleasurable experiences of their lives.

The good news is that there are plenty of P-specific toys on the market that help men try this out discreetly, perhaps before introducing their male or female partners into the experience. 

Here are some of our favorite toys to help you stimulate your P Spot.

Zero Tolerance The Great Prostate

Great for all experience levels, this massager is slim but offers lots of functionality. The remote control is very useful for making solo play more comfortable (no reaching around to change the speed!) and is also perfect for creating fun while you’re out and about, or for a fetish session play with restraints. It has 10 very strong vibrations as well as a roller ball to stroke against the prostate.

Zero Tolerance Intro To Prostate Kit

The silicone of these plugs is very soft and flexible, making it great for first time P-players! The two smaller plugs are very slim 1”-1.25” in diameter with a suction cup base so you can use them on a flat surface for hands free fun. The Plug-Ring combo is great to use for partner play and it helps to keep your erection for longer. The vibe is made of a firmer silicone so you can get some nice pressure on the P-Spot you might not be able to get with the other toys.

Zero Tolerance The Gentleman Rechargeable Prostate Massager

Very firm but flexible silicone, this prostate massager has more of a curve than the others we’ve listed, making it a great plug-style prostate toy, with 10 strong vibrations. The silicone also has a light texture to add some extra sensation!

Optimale P Massager

Flexible and easy to clean, this is the perfect prostate massager. It’s made of a softer silicone that doesn’t vibrate, so you can really control exactly what you’re getting. It’s a perfect starter prostate massager. The handle on it makes for easy manipulation so you can find the right spot and put the pressure where you’d like.

As with any type of anal play, be sure to take it slowly, keep an open mind, and don’t skimp on the lube

If you’re ready to explore your P Spot, you can shop our wide variety of male prostate gland toys and massagers online or at the Boudoir Noir locations in Fort Wayne and Evansville.

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