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What is a Blended Orgasm and the Best Toys to Achieve One

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What is a Blended Orgasm and the Best Toys to Achieve One

A blended orgasm is when a vaginal and clitoral orgasm happen at the same time. Yes, they’re each possible, and yes, they can both happen at the same time! It’s not just a myth! The result is an intense full-body sensation that will drive you wild. 

Vaginal orgasms are often reached when the g-spot is stimulated and clitoral orgams are typically reached from repeated pressure on the clitoris. In order to achieve a blended orgasm, both must be done simultaneously. If you’ve had each of these, you know that they feel different from one another. If you haven’t, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you have your first one!

So, how can you achieve a blended orgasm? The key is to stimulate the clitoris and vagina at the same time. This can be done with your partner, by yourself, or by using a sex toy designed specifically to help you achieve a blended orgasm. 

Let’s dive into the best toys to help you achieve your blended orgasm. 

The Show Stopper

The Show Stopper has a slightly tilted end perfect for reaching your g-spot while the wide citoral stimulator will provide just the right amount of love to help you get there. With 8 speeds and 3 intensities, we’re sure you’ll find your perfect combination. This one is waterproof and submersible, so it’s perfect to use anywhere you want to use it. 

Trifecta Triple Stim

This toy is perfect to use if you’re feeling adventurous! It’s called the Trifecta because it has not only a g-spot and a clitoral stimulator, but an beaded anal shaft as well, helping you achieve the best of all blended orgasms — the trigasm! 

The Red Dream

Customize your ride on the Red Dream with its two independent motors that allow you to craft your perfect combination. The deep g-spot curve is perfect for reaching your most sensitive place and the wide clitoris stimulator will work together to send you deep into bliss. If you like to play in the bath, this toy is fully submersible, too. 

The Womanizer Duo

The Womanizer Duo offers clitoral stimulation with differing air pressure and a curvy shaft that will vibrate perfectly on your g-spot to bring you the toe-curling orgasm you’re craving! It features the most powerful motor we offer, so it’s great for even the most experienced pleasure seekers. If you’re ready to turn up the heat and experience the best orgasms of your life, this is the perfect toy for you.

Looking for other bedroom favorites? Stop by one of our stores in Fort Wayne or Evansville or visit us online to find your new favorites toys, lube, lingerie, and more! 

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