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3 Incredible Lesbian Sex Positions To Try

3 great lesbian sex positions

3 Incredible Lesbian Sex Positions To Try

When it comes to lesbian sex, it is important to remember that it can encompass a lot more than your traditional male/female penetration. In fact, lesbian sex can mean a whole lot of things that may or may not involve penetration at all — or even genital-to-genital contact.

Let’s think about it.. What makes sex great?

  • Mutual stimulation and enjoyability 
  • Creativity and variety 
  • Satisfies both partners needs for control and intimacy
  • Ease and comfort 

If you’re just entering the world of same sex pleasure, or if you just want to try something new in bed, here are three fun positions to try.


New Age-Scissoring 

Scissoring is one of those elusive lesbian sex positions that most non-lesbian people assume happens all the time, but “traditional” scissoring can actually be extremely tricky and not a great option for a lot of couples. Bodies need to fit together in a particular way like a puzzle to make it feel amazing and actually provide stimulation to both clitorises — they’re small targets to hit!

So, if you’re fed up with trying the traditional route, here’s a new way to aim for clit to clit contact.

Have one partner lie on her back with her legs spread. The other partner will sit on top of one of the bottom partner’s extended legs, bringing her clitoris as close as possible to the bottom-partner’s clitoris. The bottom partner can then wrap her free leg around the sitting partner, or even just extend the leg up and rest it on her partner’s shoulder.

To turn up the heat, add in a wand vibrator that you can each simultaneously grind on, lube, or a position pillow to help align your most sensitive regions. 



Remember how we said earlier that sex doesn’t have to mean genital-to-genital contact? In this one, both partners should have a pretty easy reach to the other’s clitoris, making it a mutual experience if you want it to be. The little spoon partner can also spread her legs while the big spoon slides her top leg in between, giving you each a great surface to grind for added pleasure.

Spooning allows for the use of all kinds of clitoral stimulating vibrators, your fingers, or even a dildo or strap-on if you enjoy penetration. 


Side 69  

A take on the classic 69 position, this one just flips it so both partners are lying on their sides. From there, there are tons of different things you can do to one another, as you have full access to each other’s bodies. If you perform cunnilingus on the clitoris, the hands are free to penetrate or stimulate the vagina or anus. You can also reach up and stimulate the nipples, or just hold each other tight. This is another great one to add a penetrative vibrator to. 

Looking for a fun lesbian-friendly sex toy to make your sexual encounters more fun? Check out our inventory online or visit one of our locations in Fort Wayne or Evansville.

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