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5 Gender Neutral Toys To Enjoy Solo Or With A Partner

Gender Neutral Sex Toys

5 Gender Neutral Toys To Enjoy Solo Or With A Partner

While some sex toys are designed to mimic genitalia, there are many toys made in completely inconspicuous shapes. These are perfect for use on any combination of body parts.

These gender neutral toys are perfect for anyone to use on their own, or to share with a lover. They’re a great first step to introducing toys to partner play, since the shapes and designs are less intimidating than the more realistic shapes and sizes. 

Curious what some of the best gender neutral toys may be? Read on to discover five of our favorites. 

Evolved Inflatable G

Have you ever heard of a vibrator that inflates?

This unique concept is going to blow your mind. The Evolved Inflatable G is great for hitting both the G spot and the prostate, so it’s something that anyone can enjoy. Slide it inside comfortably while it’s deflated and then easily inflate it once inside with the push of a button to feel those G spot/P spot sensations. The loop on the end makes it extremely easy for you or your partner to slide it over a finger for ease of maneuvering. 

Satisfyer Partner Multifun 1

At first glance, the Multifun 1 might be confusing, but its unusual shape is what makes it so versatile.

This toy’s U-shape is great for massaging both the penis and the vulva. It can also be used on the nipples or perineum, or just to tease your partner by rubbing it on his or her back.

If you’re new to gender neutral toys or you’re a penis owner who’s not experienced a vibrator before, this is a great place to begin. 

Satisfyer Partner Multifun 2

Slightly different, the Multifun 2 is also sure to please. It has more of an open-ended U-shape design, so it can provide a different feeling on each of the same intimate areas. It has three motors, making 100 combinations of vibration and movement possible with this one small toy. As a bonus, both of the Multifuns are very lightweight and easy to clean and travel with! 

Satisfyer Layons White Temptation

This tiny toy from Satisfyer packs a big punch! Though it is almost dainty in appearance, the 15 modes of vibration it can achieve will show you that looks can be deceiving.

The Layons White Temptation is the perfect vibrator to use on any of your (or your partner’s) sensitive spots, like the nipples, clitoris, head of the penis, ears, neck, or any erogenous zone that drives you wild. You can easily hold it in your hand or even lay on it, as the name suggests.  

Evolved Tiny Dancer

The Evolved Tiny Dancer is a bullet vibrator that is easy to hold and maneuver around all of your erogenous zones like a dancer on stage. It’s round shape makes it versatile for any body. Try it on some of those less-obvious spots like the feet and thighs for added tantilization in foreplay. 


Looking for a great gender neutral toy for partner play or solo play? You can find it at Boudoir Noir. Stop in to one of our Fort Wayne or Evansville locations or shop online — shipping is discrete!

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