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5 Different Products You Have to Try for Some Real Anal Fun

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5 Different Products You Have to Try for Some Real Anal Fun

By: Javay - The Millennial Sexpert

Anal August is here and if you are already versed in the world of anal stimulation you may be looking for some options for shaking it up. If you are newer and more curious about all the different possibilities of anal play then you are in the right place. Here are five different activities and product options for you to explore this Anal August.

For the Newbies

If you are just beginning your exploration of anal play then the B-Vibe Anal Training Kit is where your fun begins. You get everything you need in the kit: an enema bulb for clean anal play, three different size butt plugs for anal training, a lube shooter, and a booklet to learn more about anal play. This is my top recommendation for anyone new to the wonderful world of anal play.

For a Solo Rim Job

Rim jobs are generally thought of as partnered activities, but what if I told you that there was a way to enjoy the stimulation of a rim job all by your lonesome and hands free? You can have that with the B-Vibe Rimming Plug. The plug is designed with beads that rotate right at the base of the plug so that the circular motion happens right at the opening of the anus. It might not be the same as a tongue going in circles, but it is pretty dang close, just add some lube.

To Cool Things Down or Heat Them Up

Anal temperature play is a great way to explore new sensations without having to do too much. There are a few different ways you can go about it. You can use cooling and warming lubes with a favorite toy like a butt plug or anal beads. You can use glass or metal toys and cool or warm them and then use them. Throw Icicles No. 46 in the freezer for a nice chill or place Icicles No. 12 in warm, boiling water for a few seconds to get it nice and hot before you put it inside.

To Really Push Things to the Extreme

Anal Fisting, how much more extreme can you get? Don’t worry if you can’t reach to put your own fist or forearm in your anus, there are toys for that. The Master Series Fisto toy allows you to experience anal fisting without having to be a contortionist. Fisting is a more advanced anal play activity, so if you are not used to deep and extensive anal play, maybe slowly work your way up to this.

Make Cleaning & Prep Pleasurable

Cleaning and prepping for anal play is an important step. If you want to make it a little more pleasurable get the CleanStream Shower Enema Set. The enema portion has bulbs similar to anal beads making it so that while you’re using it you are still experiencing pleasure and stimulation. You can have some solo shower sex with anal play and finish all squeaky clean.

No matter which activity and anal product you choose to enjoy there is an important detail to always remember. The anus is not self-lubricating which means no matter what activity you are doing you need to have lube. I recommend Wicked Jelle for anything and everything anal. It is a water-based lube so it is safe to use with all toy materials. Now go forth and have some anal fun!

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