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Anal Safety

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Anal Safety

“Are you sure that’s safe?!”

We are often asked this more than any other question, and we can assure you that, if done properly, anal sex is very safe, and one of the most explosive orgasms a human can have. There are certain things one can do to ensure that their enter-in-the-rear adventures stay on the highest levels of safety and precaution, to achieve the results that all parties most desire.

-Communicate your wants, needs, and desire to try anal sex with your partner. Work out any questions, worry, and the details before the event. Knowing what you’re facing can help ease the worries, and allow your body to relax in to the moment. Take the time to ensure your hygiene is up to par, bowels are empty, and know that there is no race, or time clock. Take your time. Be patient with yourself and with your body.

-Always wear protection! If you’re using fingers, wear finger cots, rubber gloves, a condom or something similar. Having this latex barrier helps keep everything sanitary, while helping to prevent spreading bacteria to places it should not be. If you’re using your mouth, use a thin cover like saran wrap, or plastic wrap. Held down on both sides, the receiver can barely even tell the thin layer is there. If you’re having penis to anus intercourse, using condoms not only prevents STIs and STDs, but also keeps things clean and bacteria controlled.

-Infection becomes a risk during anal sex for a few reasons. One is because many people still “jump holes.” That means that after having anal sex for ten minutes, they jump right back into the vagina and continue to completion. This is NOT okay, ever, and causes a high percentage of vaginal infections every year. Another reason is for anal fissures, tears, and skin breaks. These tiny little cuts, tears, and injuries to our delicate tissues is all it takes to introduce the wrong bacteria into the bloodstream, which is how many STDs and STIs are spread. While these tiny tears might not be completely preventable, wearing a condom or creating a barrier prevents the spread of bacteria regardless.

-The anus was created to serve as an exit, which is why the sphincter works as it does. Internal and external sphincters are fitted with a ring-like muscle that contracts and prefers to stay closed. Repetitive anal sex without the proper preparation and lubrication can cause anal tissue and O-ring (sphincter) injuries.

-Practice does help! By practicing on yourself, with yourself, you not only learn more about your body, but just which parts of anal sex will lead you to the most powerful orgasm. During masturbation or self-discovery time, using fingers, butt plugs, or thin insertible vibrators an help relax, loosen, or even tighten the anal muscles. But the key is practice! Some may find that all they need is outer, external pressure to achieve the big one. Other might find that complete insertion is necessary to orgasm, and some may be turned off all together in the end.

-Stop if it hurts! We are not talking about a little twinge, or even a small pain; because that most likely will happen. If it hurts regardless of what you do, with or without movement, and does not let up- STOP! There could be many reasons why it hurts, and it might even be more of a mental block than physical set back. Listen to your body, and what it tells you. If you have to stop due to pain, it does not mean you can’t try again later!

-After anal sex, you will notice the feeling of fullness, and need to use the bathroom. Or, the feel to use the bathroom, with only air release. Some people have reported air escaping up to three hours after the sexual event, and that is perfectly normal. What is not normal is continued pain with bleeding after sex, any growths, bumps, or sores that do not heal within a day or two. These types of issues need to be seen by a medical professional for proper healing treatment to avoid any serious infection or issue.

With a little practice and getting to know your booty, you can achieve maximized orgasms and pleasure! Remember to follow the tips on safety, try to relax, and enjoy yourselves!

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