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Planning the Perfect Bachelorette Party

It’s her last party as a single woman. It’s your responsibility to make it a night to remember. Where do you start? With her (and Boudoir Noir) of course!

You don’t want your Bride to plan the Bachelorette party, but you do want her insights. Does she want a night out in the club, a weekend away or something low key at someone’s home? After the destination has been decided, next set your date, a theme and budget. Make sure that you ask for help from the other Bridesmaids – planning this party doesn’t have to put a strain on your life or wallet! The party guest list should also come from the Bride and you’ll want to send ‘Save the Dates’ out two-months in advance and the invitation one-month out. On to the fun stuff…

Whether you’re staying in or hitting the town, make sure your Bride stands out from the crowd. A sparkly Tiara, Bride Sash and Veil will do the trick. Don’t leave out the Bridal party and guests with cute badges, buttons or broaches for each attendee.

Don’t forget to add some crazy fun games like Bride-to-Be Flip, Sip Truth or Dare, the Bride-to-Be Ultimate Roll Dice game or take it on the road with the Bachelorette’s Bar Challenge Card game!

If staying in, make the most of your space with banners, balloons, napkins & plates. And don’t forget those drinking straws and jello-shot/ice cube trays, cookie cutters, candy and cake molds (you know the ones of that certain male anatomy)!

And while the party doesn’t have to be about presents, the Bride would surely love a few sexy pieces of lingerie or a surprise bag full of goodies to kick her honeymoon off!

Boudoir Noir is your Bachelorette Headquarters – here to make party planning an ease. Shop Bachelorette Party Supplies or stop in your favorite location.

Here’s to a night she’ll remember…

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