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At-Home Date Night Idea: Introduce Bedroom Games

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At-Home Date Night Idea: Introduce Bedroom Games
Romance is in the air this Valentine’s week and we hope that you are feeling Cupid’s touch! As a big-time promoter of love and lust, you know that we had to bring you some great ideas to make date night special — but with a twist!  

If you don’t want to go out to celebrate, you can have a very fun date night right at home. One major benefit to having an at-home date night is that you can skip to the ‘dessert’ course at any time. Heck, you can even get frisky right there on the dinner table. 

When it comes to an at-home date night, making it feel special is key to setting it apart from any other night at home. Think about your normal dinner time routine and read on to find some ways to make your night special. 

  • Little touches like candles, mood lighting, and even something as simple as a set table can help to set the night apart, especially if you’re used to eating dinner on the couch in front of the TV. 
  • Make cooking fun. Whether you love to cook or tend to loathe it, sharing the experience with your partner is a memory in the making. The kitchen is a very intimate place, so why not sneak some kisses in between the steps of your recipe?
  • Maybe your partner is the one who does most of the cooking and you want to treat him or her to a meal. This simple gesture is sure to help them feel special, loved, and appreciated.
  • During an intimate dinner, like the one you’re preparing, is a great time to really talk to your partner about how much he or she means to you.  

After dinner, it’s time to have some fun! Maybe fun to you is a movie night, but maybe it’s something a little bit sexier. If you want to try something new in the bedroom, check out our selection of games. From dice to board games, there are plenty to choose from for any personality. 

Introducing bedroom games is a sure way to light up your love life. Games can be a great way to try new things with your partner in a low-pressure environment. It might give you the chance to act on a fantasy that you hadn’t been comfortable sharing or even open your eyes to something that you hadn’t considered before. Some of our favorite fantasy-teasers are The Oral Sex Game, built specifically for couples who love to perform and receive oral sex, and Lust! The Game, which helps couples explore new, intimate things. 

Alternatively, some games, like Sexopoly, just might get you in the mood without suggesting sexual practices for you to try.

Competitive? Up the ante with a coveted sexual prize for the winner (though we’re willing to bet that you will BOTH feel like winners at the end of the night)!

Ready for a sexy game night? Visit Boudoir Noir online or at our locations in Fort Wayne and Evansville to find a sexy game for you and your date to enjoy!

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