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How Wearing Lingerie Is An Act of Self-Love 

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How Wearing Lingerie Is An Act of Self-Love

Have you ever put on a killer outfit and felt like an absolute Rockstar before a big meeting or fun night out? Or maybe you’ve felt under the weather but decided to take a shower, do your hair and makeup, and put on something you love to boost your mood — but it actually helps you physically feel a whole lot better? Or maybe you’ve come home from work and put on your favorite sweats, knowing now that the day is done and it’s time to relax.

This is the power that clothing can have on us. It can alter our mood and set the stage for the day or night. 

Lingerie is no different. Gone are the days when lingerie is thought to be for your partner’s pleasure (though we’re willing to bet that he or she will love seeing you in it). Lingerie is something that you should be wearing for YOU.

Wearing lingerie offers so many benefits to the person who puts it on that it can even be considered an act of self-love. The next time you’re getting ready for a solo session with your favorite vibrator, slip into your favorite lingerie and see what it can do for your mood.

Here’s why wearing lingerie can be considered an act of self-love:

♥ It helps you admire your physical body

When you put on lingerie and take a look at yourself in the mirror, you’re given the great opportunity to admire what’s in front of you. As humans, we all struggle with insecurities both inside and out. When you choose to focus on how hot you look instead of the things you might not love about yourself, it helps you to cultivate a stronger bond with yourself.

Our advice is to find a lingerie ensemble that really emphasizes that part of your body that you already love, and that will help you to begin to grow positive feelings for the parts of you that could use some extra love. 

♥ It increases your confidence 

Just like that killer outfit we talked about earlier, a sexy piece of lingerie can spike your confidence to new heights. When we feel sexy, we hold our heads a little higher and stand up a little straighter — that’s just a fact of life. So why not turn to your favorite piece of lingerie when you need a confidence boost? If it’s comfortable, you can even wear it under your clothes when you need a boost of confidence on a tough day. That’ll be our little secret. 

♥ It makes you feel powerful

With confidence comes power — and we mean this in a really, really good way. When we feel confident, we feel as if we can take on the world and come out on top. This feeling is your power, so why not use it to conquer your dreams and goals? 

♥ It helps you to turn yourself on 

If you’ve ever felt confident and sexy in your lingerie and then started to get in the mood, you’ve just turned yourself on. Sure, your partner will love to see you in your sexy ensemble, but YOU will also love what you see in the mirror. When you need a boost before getting intimate, whether a solo or partner session, put on your favorite lingerie and enjoy the feeling! 

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