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Best Solo Toys for People with a Vulva

Best solo toys for people with a vulva

Best Solo Toys for People with a Vulva

With so many different types of toys for vulvas on the market, shopping for solo toys can be overwhelming. Toys are designed to stimulate different areas of the vulva in such a wide variety of ways that sometimes it's hard to tell which is going to be the best for you.

At Boudoir Noir, we are here to answer all of your questions about sex and sex toys so that you feel confident in your purchase. For Masturbation Month, here are the toys that come highly recommended by our expert staff. 

Evolved Red Dream

The Evolved Red Dream is a dual stimulator that just might change your life. With Evolved’s groundbreaking motor and battery design, it is one of the strongest stimulators on the market with the longest battery life of all rechargeable toys.

The Red Dream is built for direct g-spot contact and simultaneous clitoral stimulation. It’s size and shape allows you to achieve an easy rocking motion that will take you over the edge. 

California Dreaming Monterey Magic

The new Monterey Magic from California Dreaming is one of the best dual-action massagers on the market.

What sets it apart from the rest is its unique clitoral stimulator’s design with 10 speeds and intensities to choose from. The clitoral stimulator arm gyrates from bottom to top, instead of vibrating, giving you a more intense sensation.

This toy is ideal for someone who may struggle to climax or someone with a smaller vaginal opening, since its movements are stronger and its shaft has a slim size. 

Satisfyer Curvy 2+

Move over clitoral stimulators, there’s a new boss in town! The Curvy 2+ by Satisfyer stimulates using both air-pulse technology and vibrations.

The way that the Curvy 2+’s air flow technology works is actually better for your body than other air-pulse stimulators and it can actually resensitize those who may not experience orgasms as intensely anymore. The combination of vibration and air-pulse leads to a high-intensity orgasm like you’ve never experienced before.

It can also be controlled from an app, so it’s easy to include your partner in the play even when he or she is not physically there. 

To purchase any of these toys (and so many more), head to your local Boudoir Noir store or shop online for fast, discreet shipping. 

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