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How To Take Masturbation To The Next Level

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How to take Masturbation to the Next Level

How To Take Masturbation To The Next Level

Masturbation doesn't need to be the same every time. Just as with sex with a partner, you may find yourself wanting to switch up the routine and try new things in your solo play. If you are ready to take masturbation to the next level, we have a few great ideas for you. 

Whether you’ve gotten great enjoyment out of masturbation in the past or it hasn’t really been your cup of tea, we urge you to keep an open mind and try a few of these tactics. 

Set The Mood

Just because you're playing solo doesn't mean that you can't lean on romance and passion.

Set the mood for yourself by turning down the lights, lighting some candles, and maybe even putting on lingerie that you feel super confident in. Maybe have a glass of wine and a few strawberries to help put you in a romantic frame of mind.

If you enjoy sensual touching, you can recreate that feeling for yourself. You don’t just have to start masturbation by reaching for your genitalia. Touch yourself in other erogenous zones, like your neck, back of your thighs and knees or your stomach. Be slow and enjoy your body as your arousal increases, then move to the main event starring your genitalia. 

Toys Add A Lot Of Fun

One way to bring your masturbation to the next level is by adding toys into the mix. Whether you have a penis or vagina, there is a huge variety of toys on the market for all different types of sensations. Many toys move and feel different than your hand or fingers, which can create new, pleasurable sensations.

For women, there are many different types of toys meant for different purposes. Dildos and anal plugs can be great for inserted play. Vibrators can also be a lot of fun for internal and external stimulation. For men, stroker sleeves and other masturbators, prostate massagers and anal stimulators can be very enjoyable. 

Switch Up Your Positions

In partnered sex, different positions increase and decrease certain sensations. The same goes for solo play. The first position you try might not work for you, but that doesn’t mean masturbation just isn’t for you.

Different positions can help create different sensations. Think about the positions you may be in during partnered sex and try variations of those. Try different angles and even different places. Masturbating in the bathtub or shower is going to be very different from masturbating in your bed on your back.

Feel free to get creative. After all, you’re doing this alone, so nobody is going to judge you. The important thing is that you enjoy yourself.

Ask Your Partner To Watch

Masturbation doesn't always have to be done solo. Asking your partner to watch you masturbate can be incredibly sexy.

Your partner will be able to see exactly what you like and how you like to be touched. Watching you touch yourself may drive your partner wild and intentisfy their arousal before you have sex. You might feel kind of embarrassed at first, but allowing yourself to let go into the moment will bring a deeper intimacy to your relationship. Plus you can then have your partner touch you the same way, either with their hands or with a toy.

Slow Down… Or Speed Up!

Experiment with speed the next time you masturbate. Slowing down will allow yourself to feel and enjoy every single rub, tug, and thrust. Speeding up can increase the intensity and potentially bring yourself to orgasm quicker (which can be handy if you have a limited time frame). You might enjoy alternating between slow and fast at different times. You might be surprised at how varying speeds can intensify your orgasm!

Enjoy Erotica — In Porn, Books or Audio Form

While porn is something often talked about by men, it's for everyone. Seeing someone give and receive pleasure might turn you on and get you even more excited to play with yourself. There are a ton of websites that publish porn catering to all preferences, including certain moods or fetishes. 

If the visual aspect of porn doesn’t do it for you, that’s OK! Erotica can also come in the form of written stories, both short stories and longer novels. There are many websites dedicated to erotic stories. If you’d rather close your eyes during masturbation, there are also many websites and apps that offer audio porn or audio erotic stories for your enjoyment too. We encourage you to experiment and try different forms of media to find the erotica you enjoy most!

No matter how you masturbate, all that matters is that it feels good to you. May is Masturbation Month and Boudoir Noir is ready to help you with all of your self-pleasure needs. Shop Boudoir Noir online or stop in to one of our locations in Fort Wayne, IN, or Evansville, IN.

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