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Boudoir Noir’s Top 5 Vibrators

Boudoir Noir’s Top 5 Vibrators

What’s the most frequently asked question we ever receive? Well, that’s an easy one: What’s your BEST vibrator? The answer isn’t as simple as you might imagine — especially considering how diverse vibrators are. That being said, we compiled a list of our top 5 vibrators and some honorable mentions that are definitely worth noting. 

Adam & Eve G-Motion Rabbit Wand

Whatever type of playtime you are looking for, the G-Motion Rabbit Wand by Adam & Eve has you covered! The penetrative and rabbit arms can be controlled independently, allowing you to completely customize your pleasure.

But that’s not all — the handle is actually a vibration wand too, so you can really have it any way you’d like with this one toy! You can even have a partner enjoying one side while you enjoy the other. 

Evolved Blue Dream

This silicone vibe is what dreams are made of — hence the name! The Blue Dream is another great companion for personal or partner play, as it was designed to fit in most harnesses. The remote control allows you to keep your partner guessing or even just tease yourself as you easily switch things up! Bring this waterproof wonder into the bath or shower to really add some intense pleasure to your session.

B Yours - Vibe #1

The folks at B Yours weren’t lying when they named this vibrator the #1 — it certainly is fantastic! With a realistic feel created by a tapered head and veins, this penetrative vibrator twists from the base to change speeds, making it super easy for you to use. It's great for beginners because its design allows for easy insertion, but our favorite part about it has to be low cost and value for your money! 

Adam & Eve Magic Massager 

Did somebody say magic? The Magic Massager will help your stress disappear so you can enjoy the heck out of some solo or partner pleasure! This wand has a very hand-friendly handle design, making it really easy for you to find the perfect angles to bring yourself to orgasm after orgasm. With this vibrator, you’ll never have to worry about dead batteries or charging, since you plug it in for each use. 

Cal Exotics Enchanted Bunny

This bunny is bound to be your new best friend! It has 12 different functions of use, and a smart memory chip that will resume the last used setting when you turn it on, allowing you to bring yourself to climax any way you’d like. The easy to use buttons make this one a good choice in the dark, too. 

Want to know more about these vibrators — or check out some of our honorable mention items? Check out our Top Vibrators list

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