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Keeping Your Toys Clean

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Keeping Your Toys Clean

Toy Care Tips from the Pro’s

With most toy materials water-based lube is the best option. Some toy materials like glass and stainless steel can handle silicone based lube. Always read manufacturer instructions to learn about your specific toy material needs.

• Always clean your toys before and after each use. Toy cleaners are far superior to soap and water because soap can leave harmful residues and/or break down your toys material.

• Always store your toy in a safe, cool place as in a pouch or toy box to prevent them from coming in contact with dirt, oils, and lint. Also, separate your toys; different toy materials touching will cause one or all to melt each other.

• If your toy uses batteries: remove them when not in use. This will help extend your toys life as well as your battery life.

• CyberSkin/Fanta Flesh type materials take an extra step while cleaning. After you have washed your toy with toy cleaner and let it air dry, sprinkle on a small dusting of renewal powder to return your toy to its original finish.

• Non-vibrating glass and silicone materials can be boiled or thrown in the dishwasher to disinfect.

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