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Types of Orgasms



Orgasms are a built in part of our pleasure system in the human body. When our bodies receive localized stimulation, often in repetitive rhythms, the electric feelings course through the body ending in orgasm for men and women. Sometimes in life, whether its due to stress, medical issues, surgery, or illness, acheiving a "normal" orgasm may be impossible for some to do. Many people are unaware of just all that our bodies are capable of. Our society teaches that anything that doesn't work the "right way" is broken; and that just is not true.

A "normal" orgasm is thought (and said in most places) to result from missionary intercourse, or penetrative sex. This "normal" orgasm is most commonly called the vaginal orgasm in women. While this "normal" orgasm happens for most people, in certain situations it just will not happen. Reasons aside, there's no need to worry! Our bodies are capable of reeaching over seven different types of orgasm! If one method of pleasure isn't working for you and your partner, simply move through the list and test out the ones that you can.

Fantasy Orgasm- The fantasy O is one of the more complex to acheive. It requires the atemptee to have full mental control and focus, as one needs to solely think of the object of their pleasure. Vivid thoughts, dreams, and daydreams can lead to full orgasm once this skill is mastered.

G-Spot Orgasm- The g-spot orgasm can be enjoyed by women, and happens when the sensitive rough patch of tissues about one inch inside the vagina is strongly stimulated by fingers, or sex toys. Certain styles of vibrators are specificaclly designed to reach and stimulate the g-spot with ease.

P-Spot Orgasm- Men can reach a p-spot orgasm when their prostates are stimulated during anal play and anal sex. The pressure put on the prostate creates an excited, intense, pleasureful stimulation that can end with ejaculation. There are wands made for men, and designed to be great beginner sex toys for those wanting to see what the p-spot O is all about.

Clitoral Orgasm- For women, applying direct stimulation to the clitoris during foreplay or intercourse can help increase the strength of the peak of pleasure. Some women find the most pleasure in applying direct vibrating stimulation while they are also taking part in penetrative sex. There are many bullets, finger vibes, hands-free vibrators and so much more that is made for the clitoris. There are also a number of enhancing creams, gels, and lotions that provide extra sensations to the area.

A-Spot Orgasm- The A-spot O, or Anterior Fornix Orgasm, is acheived by deeply stimulating the vagina where the cervix begins. Most often this area is said to be 4 to 5 inches inside, and against the front wall.

Breast Orgasm- Many times when people think of "breast" and "orgasm," they immediately think of nipples. And while we think nipples are great, they are not everything when it comes to the breast! So many nerves, senstive, responsive tissues make up the entire breast. In certain situations, breast stimulation can lead to orgasm.

Of course, many of these orgasms take time, patience, and practice to learn and master. That is completely normal, and should be expected. If you're having trouble reaching orgasm, remember you are not alone. Both men and women struggle to reach their climax, and many seek out alternate therapies, classes, and helpful educators advice. Pleasure and intimacy are both your human right, and seeing to it that you can find the pleasure you seek is why we are here!

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