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Fetish Friday - Fifty Shades Darker

Fetish Friday

fetish friday

Fifty Shades of Grey has opened the realms of the dark, and unspeakable.

It’s given a new light to the darker side of intimacy, bondage, and BDSM. The book series and products have opened the discussion in peer groups, private clubs, and most importantly- between couples, and so many are stepping out of the box a bit more to find their new, favorite pleasures. As with many things in life, there are levels to this madness. We all start out on the bottom, and learn our way through the levels, to the top. (See what we did there, bottoms and tops?)

Not only do these movies and books open the discussion, they also shed light on new positions, ways to entice your partner, and gives some insight as to how bondage and BDSM scenarios actually work. Many times, these types of books and movies help people discover their hidden desires, wants, and needs that they might not have known they had, or been too afraid to address. With the first release, we learned about safe words, Kegel balls, restraints and floggers. Now that the second release is upon us, we get to see a bit more into the darkness...

In Fifty Shades of Darker, we learn more about butt plugs, nipple clamps, and “Kinky Fuckery.” Are you familiar with those terms? In James’ novels, kinky fuckery happens between the two main characters often, as is essentially the basis of the book. Nipple clamps are devices worn on the nipples, and are placed during foreplay. They are made to squeeze, and if you are new to this, you’ll want to look for adjustable clamps. During foreplay, they can be gently pulled, tugged on, tightened or loosened, and removed at the peak of climax to give the most sensation and feeling. Butt plugs work in a similar way, but they do require lubrication. Beginners should take heed, and use the appropriate size of plug. (Pinky’s up!) Plugs can then be worn during foreplay or intercourse; twisted, turned, gently pushed or pulled, and then finally removed at the moment of orgasm, or right after. Plugs are also a great aid in self-discovery and masturbation.

Let’s face it: these taboo topics are here to stay, and becoming more mainstream day by day. Every single human on this planet has different likes and dislikes, and no one should be judged for theirs. Learning about things that are intimidating or unknown is always the best bet, and who knows, maybe you’ll learn about something you can’t wait to try!

Here’s to Fifty Shades of Darker opening the discussion and darker intimate options for many!

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