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The old saying goes, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” isn’t all wrong! When dealing with intimacy and relationships, your sexual health and hygiene is very important! Not only important for your own physical well-being, but also for the outcomes of your more intimate moments! Boudoir Noir and the School of Loving Arts is here to help you achieve better sexual health through our extensive selection of health and hygiene products.

Whether it’s wanting to feel fresher after showering, or preparing for an evening of intimate endeavors, there’s something for you! From personal hygiene to toy maintenance to dealing with skin sensitivity issues, we are ready to guide you in the right direction.

Read below to find out more information on some of our most popular items.

Check out our entire selection of products at any one of our four locations or online!

Personal Hygiene

Earthly Body Hand & Body Lotion (Skinny Dip & Guavalava are two of our best sellers)

Earthly Body Hand & Body Lotion comes in a variety of scents and they are all so nourishing for the skin! The non-greasy formula is made to soak into your skin fast, leaving no residue behind. It is nutrient rich and made from Hemp Seed oil and Argan oil from Morocco. This will leave your skin feeling healthy, radiant, and smooth!!


Coochy Cream

Coochy Cream is a wonderful and amazing product! A rash free shave cream that doubles as a moisturizer and hair conditioner, it is also safe to use on a multitude of skin types and sensitivities! Coochy can be use anywhere where you’ve got hair! Legs, underarms, pubic area, body, and even your face! Check out all of the items available in the Coochy line!


Max Protect Balls n All Moisture Control Balm

Max Protect Balls N’ All Cream is a silky smooth balm made with skin softening agents to provide a moisture shield and keep things fresh! Made with tapioca starch and vitamin e, the skin softening agents protect skin from itchiness! Also great to use post shave! Infused with pheromone attractants, use this balm on the balls to stay fresh and protected all day long!


Simply Sexy Pheromone Spray for women

Ladies, give yourself a spray of this Simply Sexy Pheromone Spray after your shower, and be dazzled with delectable scent all day! Use it again before you night out on the town! Pheromones work with your body’s natural chemistry, and work as a sexual attractant. Pheromone sprays smell different on everyone and will be unique to you! So, what is your body telling you today?


Max Attract Pheromone Spray for men

Max Attract Pheromone Spray for Men is the perfect finishing touch before a wild night out! This pheromone spray works with the body, giving bold, masculine scents mixing to the male’s own unique body chemistry. It is designed to entice and arouse, and make for heavy magnetic sexual appeal. Spray anywhere you would spray cologne or body spray!


Adam & Eve EZ Anal Douche

The EZ Anal Douche gives the user a cleaner start to anal play. The quick and easy prep keeps the use simple, and the sleek, flexible and firm design helps with ease of entry. The large bulb on the end helps control the water flow, and all parts come apart for easy cleaning. This would be handy for those interested in anal play, wanting to achieve high cleanliness before or after, and those looking for worry free play! This can be used by women and men!


Skin Sensitivity

Sliquid Lubricants

Sliquid brand offers up organic, natural safe lubricants that are naturally fragrance free. They are glycerin and paraben free, making them safe for even the most sensitive of areas and skin types. Made with botanical extracts and natural ingredients, these lubes are also full of omega-3, making them rich with amino acids and minerals and even healthier for your skin!


Jimmy Jane Form 2 ,3,4,5,6

Have you heard of this fabulous line of vibrators? JimmyJane offers top of the line products with tons of features and benefits! These rechargeable, waterproof vibes can run up to 4 hours on a single charge! They are made from medical grade platinum silicone and stainless steel. With the most powerful motors, they are very intense, and have a smooth, silky outer covering. USB charging features, and bath friendly, don’t wait to try this line of awesome vibes!

The Form 2 offers two ears, with a powerful motor in each. This allowed the user to pinch and squeeze around the clitoral area for maximum pleasure. Form 3 is ready for you with four vibration modes, and five amazing power levels!


The Form 3 was made thin enough to fit in between two bodies during sex. Form 3 also has the feel of a tongue, and can be bent to direct the vibration exactly where you want it to be! This has four vibration modes, and five power levels!


The Form 4 was made for those who like deeper, intense vibrations. The perfect combination of flex and power made with an oversized motor! The flexible neck adjusts to your body just like a partner would, and the five levels of power make it even more amazing! Perfect for G-Spot, clitoris, and vagina!


Women’s Health

Je Joue Ami

Work those kegels! Je Joue Ami gives you smooth pelvic weights to train your PC muscles in the privacy of your own home! Kegel balls are great for strengthening all of your muscles, which in turn will allow more control and squeeze-power during intimate encounters. These weights are a great way to work with your body, and really get to know what it can do!


Toy Maintenance

Wicked Antibacterial Toy Cleaner

One major part of intimate cleanliness is toy cleaning! Wicked Antibacterial Toy Cleaner is safe on all of your intimate toys!! Wicked is quick and easy to use, and is paraben and fragrance free! Simply hold a few inches away from your toy, and spray Cleene on. Wait one minute before using a soft cloth and wiping dry before use or storage.


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