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How Breathing Can Lead to Better Sex

How Breathing Can Lead to Better Sex

Could something that we do subconsciously all day, every day lead to better sex? The short answer is yes, if you become conscious of it and use it to your advantage. 

If you practice mindfulness, meditation, yoga, or pilates, you’re no stranger to the power that our breath has. In these practices, we rely heavily on the breath to aid us in achieving our goals. Long, deep, conscious breaths tell our brain that it is time to relax. As we relax, our body can focus on sensations within and around us, leading us to a greater level of consciousness related to those things. 

In bed, focusing on our breathing leads to the same things. First, it allows us to fully relax into the moment and be conscious of everything that we are seeing and feeling. Second, it allows us to enhance those sensations to have the most powerful orgasms — and who wouldn’t want that? Not to mention the fact that deep breathing increases blood flow, which is necessary for both erections and clitoral swelling while you’re aroused. 

So, how can you get started on incorporating breathing techniques into the bedroom? It’s actually pretty simple. 

As soon as you become aware that sex is on the agenda, begin to focus on your breath. This can be as you and your partner are beginning kissing and foreplay, or even before, like if you are freshening up for the occasion. 

However, if you’ve never practiced breathing techniques before, practicing in any environment that you feel comfortable in is recommended. Then, once you get used to it you can easily bring your practice into the bedroom. 

Here are some breathing techniques to try: 

  1. Breathing to a count: This simple technique can be used in any situation. All you do is count slowly as you are inhaling and exhaling. Begin by counting to 5 during each, slowly increasing up to 8 or 10 as the count becomes easy.
  2. Box breathing: In this technique we build upon the last. Imagine yourself drawing the outline of a square, or box, as you go. Inhale for a count of 5, hold your breath for 5, exhale for 5, and hold the lungs at empty for 5. Again, you can increase the count slowly as you wish. 
  3. Diaphragm breathing: As you take deep breaths, place your hand on your stomach. Physically feel the belly rise and fall with each, and focus on that sensation. 

Once you’ve tried out all 3, you will probably find that one works better than the others for your body. And, like anything, practicing makes it easier.

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