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How To Have Great Sex In The Great Outdoors

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 Take Sex Outdoors

How To Have Great Sex In The Great Outdoors

If you and your boo are headed out on a camping trip or just planning on spending some time in the great outdoors, at least one of you might be wanting to get down and dirty in the great outdoors. If that’s the case, we say bring it on! 

There are a few major elements to outdoor sex that make it super steamy.

First, having sex in a new location (anywhere outside of the bedroom) can spice up your intimacy, just because it’s different. Also, it’s obviously a bit primal to do the deed out in the wilderness. If you’re very adventurous or into nature, that excitement might be increased for you. There’s something freeing about being in the middle of nowhere with no one around, so you might be able to let loose a bit more. If you’re not quite so far away from civilization or at an established campground versus a backcountry site, the thrill of potentially getting caught might add a bit more steam into the mix. 

If you’re thinking about getting it on in the wilderness, we’ve got you covered. Here are some tips and things to remember:

Pack The Right Camping Equipment

On any camping or hiking trip, packing the right equipment is crucial. If you’re hoping for the possibility of romance, this is even more true. Make sure you have a warm sleeping bag, or maybe even a double sleeping bag to cozy up in. No one wants to take their clothes off when they’re freezing, so be prepared! You may even want to pack some hot water bottles that you can fill up with warm water from the stove before you crawl in your sleeping bag if the temperature really drops. 

...And The Right Sex Equipment

Out in the woods, you won’t have access to the normal comforts of home, so it’s best to plan ahead and have everything you need with you. Be sure to have enough pillows for comfort and to help you into different angles and positions. Don’t forget to bring packets of lube, as they are easy to pack in your bag and travel with. Also make sure that you have wipes or towels to clean up with, since the nearest showers might be miles away. 

Drown Out Any Sounds With Music 

If you’re worried about getting caught or being detected, adding some tunes into the mix might help ease your worry. A good speaker and a rocking (but not overly sexy) playlist will serve two functions. First, it’s likely to help you get or stay in the mood. Second, it’ll drown out any pleasure noises that you and your partner make. 

Try Sex In A Hammock

If the tent just isn’t cutting it, you want to get a bit more risque, or you just want to try something different, move to your hammock! The hammock not only allows you to really cozy up together, but it can almost double as a swing and allow you to try new positions. Of course, this is a much better option if you're in a very secluded spot without other people at the campsite “next door.”

Travel Size Toys Add More Fun

Who says that there is no place for toys out in the wilderness? We don’t, that’s for sure!

There are a lot of great toys that are small enough to fit in your bag but pack a big punch. A remote control bullet vibrator is a great way to tease one another while you’re setting up camp or cooking by the fire. Once you get into it, a vibrating cock ring is the perfect addition to drive you both wild. 

We hope you enjoy your camping trip and get to have some fun sexy time. If you’re looking for toys, lube or other products to make your getaway even sexier, stop in to a Boudoir Noir location in Fort Wayne or Evansville or shop our “getaway goodies” online.

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