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How To Give The Best Oral Sex To A Woman

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Blog posts How To Give The Best Oral Sex To A Woman

How To Give The Best Oral Sex To A Woman

Whether you are looking to turn up the heat in your long term relationship or trying to wow a new partner, there are many ways to spice up your cunnilingus game.

Keep in mind that all bodies are different, so some women will like or dislike some of these tricks more than others. Finding the right techniques for your woman will be a fun experiment for both of you! 

Build Anticipation

Many women need sex to be more than just a physical act in order for them to reach orgasm. The biggest sex organ, after all, is our brains! This is also true for oral sex — adding a mental component into it will help her to relax and create a more enjoyable and climactic experience.

Start off by teasing her a bit and making her feel desirable. A great way to do this is to avoid her vulva right away. Instead, spend some time making out with her before moving down and licking and kissing her nipples, stomach, and thighs. You can even kiss and lick the areas around her clitoris, or maybe just brush into it lightly to help set the mood and drive her wild.

Pay Attention To Her Body Language

As you experiment with different sensations, like licking up and down, side to side, drawing a figure 8, or writing the alphabet, pay attention to the way she responds and react accordingly. 

She might moan, raise her hips, or touch your head or shoulders to indicate that she likes that particular sensation, without her saying directly that she enjoys it. When she seems like she loves something, you should keep doing it! Changing sensations, motions, and rhythm over and over will make it more difficult for her to reach orgasm. 

Use Lube

Lube isn’t just for penetration! Flavored lube like the CGC Blow Me Oral Sex Gel will make cunnilingus an enjoyable experience for both of you.

Lube adds another layer of sensation for her when your tongue and lips glide around her vulva, just because of the extra lubrication. There are some lubes that may have additional experiences, like tingling or heat sensations. Warming gels like the Sensuva Sizzle Lips could drive her wild. Find something that works for both of you!

Toys Make It More Fun

Did you know that there are tiny vibrators and toys made to specifically for oral sex? The Tongue Dinger is a vibrator for your tongue that can drive her over the edge.

If a tongue vibrator isn’t quite your thing, try adding in a penetrative vibrator for her vagina while your mouth focuses on her clitoris. The bonus here? If your tongue gets tired, the toys can take over. 

Positions Matter

Laying flat may seem like the best position for a woman to be in while receiving oral sex, but it may not be. Just like how penetration feels different for her depending on the position, oral sex in different positions could be more pleasurable for both of you.

A position pillow can help you to find the perfect angle to reach all of her sweet spots. Propping her hips up might take your oral sex game from good to great. The added space might also make it more comfortable for you! 

Oral sex should be fun for everyone involved. If you’re looking for products to make cunnilingus a great experience, stop in to our locations in Fort Wayne or Evansville or shop online.

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