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Men's Health Week #2


Men’s Health #2- Spotlight: Personal Health ~ Just because you’re a man does not mean you can avoid the doctor, and ignore the issues that are plaguing you weekly or daily!! How often is your mother or your partner harping at you to get into that doctor and get things checked out?! Well, rest assured, you are not alone! In America, men are less likely to have medical insurance and regularly visit the doctor. 60% of men fifty and over were not screened for colon cancer in the past year, and 40% of them skipped their prostate screening as well. Over 56% of men aged fifteen to forty-four are less likely to visit the doctor knowing they need to, or regardless of the situation. 67% of men refuse to go to the doctor with chest pains and shortness of breath, which are two of the top signs of a heart attack. This may be the worst statistic of all… 7 million American men have not seen a doctor in the past 10 years. The top ten diseases that cause death to men in America are: heart disease, kidney disease, cancer, accidents, suicide, influenza and pneumonia, Alzheimer’s, workplace accidents, and situations falling into the “other” category. With preventative care, and a future care plan, all of these issues can be medically handled, and add years back on to your life! There are simple tests your doctor can do on a routine basis to keep your stats in order! Some of the tests are: chest x-ray, EKG, physical exams, blood tests for illness and sexually transmitted diseases, PSA blood test, bone density test, testosterone screening, rectal exam and colorectal health screens, blood pressure tests, and complete urinalysis. You and your doctor can decide which tests are right for you! Don’t wait! Take the steps to ensure your physical health now! Simply Ways to Take Charge of your Health *Do monthly exams. Check yourself for testicular, skin, oral and breast cancers every month. *Protect yourself from the sun, and use a sunblock with an SPF of 30 or higher. *Drink 8 glasses of water a day, limiting your alcohol intake to two drinks per day. *Exercise and eat right. Exercise moderately for twenty to thirty minutes, five times a week. Eat a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and healthy proteins. *Limit cholesterol and saturated fats. *QUIT smoking. Resources Used:

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