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Men's Health Week #1


Men's Health Benefits of Sex

Men’s Health #1- The Benefits of Sex. ~ Most everyone that has sex knows that it’s hot, crazy, fun, and often off-the-walls exciting! Rarely do people stop and think about just how many actual benefits there are to “just having sex” for our physical and mental well-being! There are many proven statistics and body perks that happen during sex…but don’t just take our word for it!! Try it and see! Did you know there are five chemicals released in our bodies during intimate play, and they all push and pull our bodies in different ways? Dopamine, Norepinephrine, Testosterone, Oxytocin and Serotonin are there to provide the pleasure rush, the shots of adrenaline, and natural tranquilizers in times of pleasure. There are so many health benefits from sex! For one, researchers state that those having sex at least one time in a two week period were able to handle more stressful situations than those who were not engaging in intercourse as often. Those same individuals having sex once or twice per week can see an increase in their immunoglobulin A (igA) antibodies, which help boost the immune system up by thirty percent! Trouble sleeping? Before you take those sleep aides, have you tried making love? Studies show that those with sleep disturbances report a restful night’s sleep after intercourse, or achieving orgasm. Being that sex burns about five calories per minute, it can be considered a moderate exercise (Heavy exercise if you’re really rocking the house!) and is beneficial to your overall cardiovascular health! On top of these wonderful benefits, the act of sex and orgasm acts as a natural pain reliever inside the body. Due to the rush of blood flow during the act, and at the peak of climax, numerous people reported headaches disappear, and body pain disappears. Sex also calms the mind! With all of those good hormones and chemicals being released, and the act of intimate touch making a deep connection, sex is a beautiful, and natural human process! How about a few more interesting sex-stats? In the average twenty-five minute sexual escapade, a man will burn 100 calories, and a woman 69. Women have an average of four sexual partners in a lifetime, while men average seven. The average male orgasm lasts about six seconds, where a woman’s can last for over twenty seconds! And of course, one of the best “benefits” is the mind blowing orgasm you’ll get in the end!!

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