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Role Play: The Basics


Have you ever fantasized about being handcuffed by a police officer? How about dressing up to play a part that’s different from your own life? Maybe you’ve pretended you’re someone else, or even that your partner is a celebrity? That is role play!!

Role play is something many people think about, but are not sure how to approach the topic with their partner, let alone officially add it in to their intimate routine. Role play can be best defined by wooing your partner, or reenacting a scenario that brought you feelings of arousal in the past. It is also a great way to learn to build up sexual anticipation.

One factor that many forget about is the simple art of communication! Your partner will never know your desires, wants, likes, or dislikes until you’ve both had a good ole round of chatting! This is often an aspect of how couples fall into the “same old routine” in bed- they forget to communicate! Once things have been discussed and a comfort level reached, partners can take the steps in the direction of their fantasy to act it out.

There are many things that can aide in your role play set-up. Those new to role play may want to edge into things slowly, while those who have some experience may be able to pull off entire scenes without much extra thought. Some choose to add in blindfolds, toys, or even restraints. Others choose to dress in costumes, take on different roles, or act out certain parts. There are many styles of costumes these days. Everything from firefighters and officers, to the old classic favorites like the French maid outfit.

Role play is something that is different for each person, and between each couple. There is no one way to do role playing, and it is in fact a learned art. The more relaxed and comfortable you are in your fantasy with your partner, the easier the art and act of seduction will come. The more you can fall into your selected role, the more arousal will occur between you both.

There are a few common fantasies that beginners can start with. Student-Teacher, Slave-Master, Housewife-Handyman, Stripper-Client, Model-Photographer, and so many more. Your imagination can let you be and do things you would not necessarily do otherwise. Your role play world is not permanent, and can be very freeing to many. After you’ve mastered the basics, and can comfortably transform into an alter ego, you can step into some of the more challenging role playing games and scenarios.

Remember why you wanted to try role playing in the first place: to liven up your sex life, and routine. Leave the judgment out, and allow yourself and your partner to open yourselves to the new possibilities imagination can bring! If something you try in your role play scene does not go well, simply leave it out and try something new for next time!

Let your imagination run wild! Relax, and have a great time!

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