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Back to School: Instructional Videos for Adults


If you have found yourself in a relationship where technology is taking over, or stealing your “quality time” with each other, maybe the answer isn’t trying to avoid the technology or social media. Maybe the answer is embracing it even further by allowing it into your lives to open your minds to new experiences, ways, and techniques for trying new things!

With Back to School time happening for many, this could be your most opportune time to learn something new for yourself! If there is a certain type of orgasm you’d like to learn to have, or there’s a new toy on the market that you’d love to learn more about and know how to use correctly. Or maybe you’re really curious about the new, pourable massage candles, or the new line of shower and bath products you’ve heard about. Instructional videos can be found all over the internet, some very informative, and some border a more humorous front. With these types of videos, and the ability to watch many of them for free in the privacy of your own home, this enables the watchers to not only view it, but even participate with their own partners, too.

There are many websites now offering free instructional videos, with a wide variety of very informative topics on everything from intimacy, to intercourse, to adding toys into your routine. Many product companies also offer instructional videos for their products on their website. Sportsheets, for example, offers videos on their product lines, tips and tricks from sexperts, as well as a myriad of topics intimate and sexually related.

There are also many newer websites out there that offer up instructional videos in the act of intimacy, (meaning two or more humans are in the actual act) being filmed for “instructional” purposes. Some of these videos do teeter more on the side of erotic movies and clips, but that may be just what you’re looking for!

Whatever your viewing pleasure may be, there are definitely instructional videos that you could benefit from! And another great perk about watching these together with your partner is that it can open the dialogue about wants, desires, and needs in a more relaxed, open, and comfortable setting.

Check out our best instructional videos and books.


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