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Using Meditation to Enhance Your Masturbation

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Blog posts Using Meditation to Enhance Your Masturbation

By: Javay - The Millennial Sexpert

Do you feel like you're not in the moment when you're masturbating or fully connected to your body? You are not alone in this. Adulthood is difficult, and for many of us there is always so much on our plates that it can be hard to table all those thoughts and focus on masturbating and pleasure. If that is you, then we might have something to help you to be more present when masturbating and embody your pleasure while masturbating. Introducing meditation to your masturbation routine might help you out!

How Can Meditation Help

Meditation is a practice that is done to help someone become more aware and attentive while also helping with emotional calmness and mental stability. The bodily awareness that meditation can help you connect with will allow you to feel what is happening in your body more fully. It also helps you in being able to clearly pay attention to what you are feeling, meaning you can recognize if you are focused more so on stressors in life or something exciting and pleasurable. Another way that meditation can help enhance your masturbation is by making it so that you'reyour consciously and intentionally pleasuring yourself because you aren’t aimlessly masturbating, but rather very present in the moment and yourself.

How to Start Meditating

If you are completely new to meditation you don’t have to try and do too much, you’re not a monk. You can start with short guided meditations that focus on getting you present in your body. There are a bunch of different apps for meditation, like Balance and Aura, or you can check out meditation videos on YouTube. I have a whole playlist of meditation videos already made to make it even easier for you. I recommend starting with five minute videos and after a while you can move up in length if you like or switch to unguided meditations.

Additional Benefits of Meditation for Pleasure

Now that you know what meditation can do for your mind in terms of masturbation you might be wondering what else it can do for pleasure. After you have gotten the swing of things with meditation using it to play with your senses and toys is a great option. When you get yourself in a pace of awareness you can use toys to see how different types of stimulation truly feel on your body. Grab different types of toys, a suction toy like the Satisfyer Pro 2 Gen 3, Satisfyer Wand-er Woman, and the Satisfyer Double Joy to see how the different types of stimulation truly feel in and on the body. With meditation and a better awareness of your body you will better be able to tell what feels different between various toys on different parts of the body.

Meditation has a lot of potential for your masturbation routine, for your pleasure, and just connecting further with your body. It can feel overwhelming in the beginning but with some consistency and grace for yourself you will see impacts from meditation in many areas of your life, not just your pleasure.

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