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What Is Mutual Masturbation? And How To Make It Hot

Mutual Masturbation

What Is Mutual Masturbation? And How To Make It Hot

Masturbation is hot on its own, but what can make it hotter? The answer is simple: your partner. 

When you invite your partner to join in on your solo session or have his or her own solo session with you, it’s called mutual masturbation. This can either be you and your partner touching yourselves while the other watches, or using your hands to stimulate each other, or both — whatever you like. 

Mutual masturbation can bring about a new level of vulnerability and intimacy that other forms of sexual engagement cannot. There are also some great pros to mutual masturbation, especially in the pandemic-era. 

Pros of mutual masturbation include:

  1. It can be done virtually or in real life, so it’s a great option for people in a long distance relationship
  2. It can help you to teach your partner about what you like and don’t like during sex
  3. It’s a great way to introduce toys into your relationship
  4. It’s a way to spice things up 
  5. It is an intimacy builder in a relationship

Convinced to give it a try? We highly recommend it. 

And, better yet, we have a few tips to make it super hot. 

Experiment with different locations and positions

As with sex, there is an endless variety of positions that can be brought into your mutual masturbation sessions.

At first, start off close together so you can touch one another, but as you become more comfortable, you can switch things up. Add to the tease level by touching yourselves on opposite sides of the room out of reach. One of you could kneel or you could lay head to toe instead of head to head next to each other.

Switching up the view, angle, and location leads to new levels of hotness. 

Have fun with toys

Mutual masturbation is made even hotter with the use of toys. Whether you are using a toy on yourself while your partner watches, your partner is using a toy on you, or you’re using a toy on your partner, you’re sure to love playing in this way. Even better if all three happen!

This may even open the door to using toys during sex. If you’re not sure where to start, there are great finger vibrators that either one of you can use to massage the clit without the intimidation of a larger, more realistic vibe. 

Stare deeply into each other’s eyes 

Looking into each other’s eyes while you’re each touching yourselves can be extremely hot and really build intimacy .Seeing his or her expressions of pleasure up close will drive you wild, bringing your own pleasure to a maximum. Try resisting the urge to look down at his or her body. 

Explore fantasies 

If you’ve ever wanted to try out a fantasy but weren’t quite sure where to start, this is an excellent opportunity. Whether you’re thinking about role playing, wearing costumes for the first time, or wanting to try out a kinky toy, mutual masturbation is a great way to make it happen for the first time without putting too much pressure on the experience. 

Watch porn together 

A great way to begin your mutual masturbation journey is to put on something that turns you both on, like porn that you will both enjoy.

If you are intimidated or uncomfortable with the idea of mutual masturbation, porn gives you both something to focus on to quiet down the brain. If you’re a mutual masturbation pro, porn can make it even hotter.

As a bonus, picking out a video together will let you get to know more about one another’s fantasies.

If you’re looking to spice up your mutual masturbation sessions with a fun toy, stop in to one of our Boudoir Noir locations or shop online for lingerie, toys and other supplies!

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