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Vacation Sex is the Best Sex - 5 Must Haves While Traveling

Vacation Sex Travel Must Have's


Vacation Sex is the Best Sex - 5 Must Haves While Traveling

There is something ultra steamy about checking into your hotel or vacation rental and devouring your partner right away. With your stress level low and your adventure scale tipping, vacation sex is the best sex: it just is. 

As you plan your summer vacation, you might be wondering how you can take your vacation sex to the next level — even if it’s with yourself. We have created a list of awesome, easy to travel with products to spice up your nights. 

Satisfyer One Night Stand

This toy is perfect for those who want to give air pulse technology a try or those who don’t want to risk losing their ‘ole faithful while on the road. The One Night Stand has a 90-minute life and multiple speeds and pressures to try and enjoy.

This is a great toy for someone wanting to see what all the fuss is about on the pressure wave toys,” says Brittany, our online store manager. “If you want a pocket friendly trial version of the most raved about toy on the market, this is it!”

It’s small, light weight, and you can toss it before heading home, making room in your luggage for whatever treasures you find. 

Good Head Helping Hand

If you want to surprise your male partner with something that will delight him, The Good Head Helping Hand is a great way to go. The small-but-powerful tool is meant to be used as a hand aid during fellatio, but it can be used in all sorts of foreplay to get him going. This helps your partner see that you care about his pleasure and want to create an experience he won't soon forget. This sleeve is only 2 inches long and the soft material takes up barely any space in your luggage. 

Vacation Sex Travel Must Have's

Adam & Eve Bumpy Delight Anal Plug

The Bumpy Delight Anal Plug is a great toy to begin anal play with, and why not try something new in bed while you’re exploring a new place? This toy boasts beads up to 1 inch wide, allowing you to work up gradually as you experiment, with a larger base for safety.

The plug also has a nice base on it, it will sit really comfortably between the cheeks,” Brittany says. Don’t forget to always use lube for anal play

Wicked Sensual Care Aqua Chill 

Wicked has great lubricant, but their cooling is great for those that need some extra stimulation. They use a peppermint extract in their cooling so it has a tingling sensation that will accompany the cooling,” Brittany says.

Freeze the travel stress away with this ultra-stimulating gel. Bonus? The bottle is only 2 oz., making it a breeze to pack even if you’re traveling with only a carry-on.

Wicked Sensual Care Heat

Turn up the heat with this wonderful warming lubricant! It’s another lube that is easy to pack in your carry on, but has an entirely different sensation. The Sensual Care Heat provides warming sensations with a hint of tingling, as cinnamon is one of the ingredients, so it is sure to drive you both wild while increasing your natural lubrication. Try it with one of these toys or just with your partner.

Satisfyer Rocket Ring

What’s better than a toy to increase your pleasure? A toy that enhances both partners’ pleasure!

Increase his stamina and blood flow while sending vibrations to both of your pleasure spots. The Rocket Ring is made of a soft, stretchy material that most find to be very comfortable, regardless of size. 

If you’re looking for a fun sex toy, lube or other product to make your vacation sex dreams come true, check out these recommendations and more! Stop in to one of our Fort Wayne or Evansville locations or shop online.

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