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What Squirting Is And How To Do It!


What Squirting Is And How To Do It!
If you’ve been curious about squirting, you may have heard the myth that squiring isn’t even real — well, we’re here to tell you that it’s definitely real. It’s something that some vulva-owners do during orgasm, but not all of them. 

Squirting is the release of fluid from those with a vulva during sexual stimulation. 

While some refer to it as ‘female ejactulation,’ we appreciate the fact that not all vulva-owners identify as female. Further, the fluid released is actually a combination of urea, uric acid, and creatinine released by the Skene’s glands (part of the urethra), which differs from the production and release of the ejaculate it’s being compared to.

A lot is still unknown when it comes to squirting, but it’s believed that 10-50% of women are able to squirt. That being said, it’s important not to get down on yourself if you aren’t able to do so! 

Squirting tends to happen with g-spot stimulation or a combination of g-spot and clitoral stimulation. It can be done manually with the hands (your own or those of your partner), with a toy, or through penetration. 

Here are some positions to try if you want to try to squirt during partnered sex. 

Doggy style 

This is a great position with a penis-owning partner or a partner with a strap-on. The angle from behind allows the front wall of the vaginal canal, where the g-spot is, to be easily stimulated. Turn it up a notch by having the receiver reach back and rub their own clitoris with a finger or even a vibrator. 


Missionary is a great position to try squirting from because both partners have easy access to the clitoris. You may have better luck squirting in missionary with a position pillow under your hips to help angle the penis or dildo towards your g-spot. 

Lying down from behind

In this position, the vulva-owning receiver is laying face down with their legs together. The partner is to straddle and enter the vulva-owning partner from behind. In this position, it’s a little bit more difficult to stimulate the clitoris, but still doable! 

Whatever position you try, ease of access for clitoral stimulation and the penis or dildo rubbing against the g-spot are key.

When your vulva-owning partner is right on the edge of orgasm, pull out and begin rubbing the g-spot to allow space for them to squirt. This may not work for all, however, as some may need the constant stimulation of the g-spot in order to make it happen. Work with your partner to figure out what works best for you! 

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